Reagan Revolution

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GOP Needs 'a Little Chaos:' Kristol

(Newser) - Republicans clamoring for unified front should "calm down" and be careful what they wish for, William Kristol writes in the Weekly Standard. Firstly, Barack Obama is hugely popular; he'll be unassailable for months. What's more, spirited debate may serve the GOP better than blind adherence to conservative philosophy. Consider... More »

Today's GOP: Why Reagan Would Cringe

Gipper didn't hate government; he wanted it to work

(Newser) - Republicans love to invoke Reagan, but if he’s watching right now, the Gipper is probably “smacking himself on the forehead, rolling his eyes and wondering who in the world these clowns are,” speculates former GOP Congressman (and longtime Reagan backer) Mickey Edwards in the LA Times. Today’... More »

Infrastructure Revitalization Is Right and Right

A conservative argues for investing in water, energy, transport

(Newser) - Conservatives who fear that investing in the nation’s infrastructure goes against core Reaganite values need to get over it. Our aging energy, water, and transportation systems are in dire need of corporate dollars and ingenuity, but “the private sector alone cannot handle the job—and the states are... More »

Falwell's Death Ends an Era

Fineman takes the measure of a partisan preacher and his political legacy

(Newser) - It's impossible to grasp the profound change in American political life in the last quarter-century without understanding Jerry Falwell and the movement he fostered, writes Newsweek's Howard Fineman. Falwell, who died yesterday, created the Moral Majority, helped launch the Reagan Revolution, and dug the evangelical foundations—currently shifting—on which... More »

4 Stories