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Google Goes After Content Farms

New algorithm designed to weed out low-quality sites that copy material

(Newser) - Google has had it with content farms—websites that seek traffic by amassing material that's often copied directly from other websites, Mashable reports. The search giant is altering its algorithm “to reduce rankings for low-quality sites,” it announces in a blog post . The shift, which will begin in... More »

Lefties Plot GOP Google Bomb

Daily Kos seeks to send negative stories to top of rankings

(Newser) - Look out, GOP: You're about to get Google-bombed. Liberal activist and Daily Kos honcho Chris Bowers is targeting 98 Republican House candidates in a Google campaign ahead of November's elections. He's urging the blog's readers to find potentially damaging news stories about the candidates and help push them up Google's... More »

Stop the Presses! Story Mentions Conan, Leno, Lady Gaga!

Rise of Web searching spells doom for clever newspaper headlines

(Newser) - Back in the day, "drunks with cigars wrote stories," overeducated wiseguys slapped snappy headlines on them, and some hours later, a newspaper appeared on your doorstep. In Internet time, that printed birdcage liner might as well be carved on stone tablets. "Call me a grumpy old codger,... More »

3 Stories