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The Trouble With Veils: How to Play Sports

Activist urges Olympic ban of Saudis until nation allows women to compete

(Newser) - Head-to-toe Muslim veils like burkas and abayas make exercise difficult. But an even bigger obstacle is nations that see exercise for women as immodest and even illegal. Physical activity is forbidden in Saudi Arabia’s state-run girls’ schools, notes the New York Times . But debate over the issue has been... More »

'Give Me the Freedom to Cover My Face'

'Bans as oppressive as Islam demands'

(Newser) - A suffocating Islamic abaya at first triggered tears of "rage and shame" from Londoner Nesrine Malik, humiliated by the oppressively "cumbersome" and "sexist" garb she was ordered by her parents to wear in Saudi Arabia. But the face-covering clothing has since become a "comfort and delight,... More »

2 Stories