Tea Party Caucus

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Tea Party Caucuses Get Quiet

House, Senate groups haven't met in months

(Newser) - In January, the Senate Tea Party Caucus was in full swing, holding a meeting on Capitol Hill—but neither that group nor its House counterpart have done much of anything since. Though a leader of the Senate caucus points out that “it’s only been nine months,” the... More »

Tea Party to Old-Line GOP: Let the Battle Begin

Upstarts face 'club' in battle over big government

(Newser) - Tea Party candidates may have rattled the Democrats, but it's the old-line Republicans who could be in for a shellacking now. The upstarts heading to DC are already eying targets painted on the backs of GOP legislators out of step with their small government policies—such as Utah's Orrin Hatch... More »

No Love Lost Between Tea Partiers and Their Caucus

Republicans co-opting the brand, they complain

(Newser) - The tea party has a voice in Congress now, and it’s not thrilled about it. To many activists, Michelle Bachmann’s new 49-member Tea Party Caucus looks like an attempt to co-opt the movement, Politico reports. “Ultimately, I worry it destroys the tea party—which started out as... More »

Bachmann Forms Tea Party Caucus

It poses a tricky question for Republican leaders

(Newser) - Tea Party favorite Michele Bachmann has formed an official Tea Party Caucus in the House of Representatives, a development that forces GOP leaders to answer what Politico terms an "existential question: Are you in or are you out?" For some, like Mike Pence, it's an easy call to join.... More »

4 Stories