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The American Dream of a Paved Future Is Crumbling

'If the roads are failing, it means government is failing'

(Newser) - “I never dreamed that by the end of my career we would be talking about having to go back to gravel,” a former highway department head tells Harper's Magazine , which takes a deep look at America's "countless failed roads." One nonprofit estimates that more... More »

Civil War-Era 'Corduroy Road' Uncovered in Michigan

The road is made of logs

(Newser) - Before the days of asphalt, Americans got around on "corduroy roads" made of logs, which were particularly useful for traversing swampy stretches of land. In a welcome blast from the past, Michigan's own versions have resurfaced after more than a century. Workers digging for a construction project in... More »

With Money Tight, More Towns Are Unpaving Their Roads

Public works spending isn't keeping up with basic maintenance costs

(Newser) - With infrastructure spending at a low point and infrastructure itself getting a D grade as judged by the American Society of Civil Engineers, paved roads that are crumbling and full of potholes are becoming more commonplace. And now, according to a new report out by the National Highway Cooperative Highway... More »

Over a Year, Russian Official Quietly Stole a 30-Mile Road

He then sold off the slabs for profit: cops

(Newser) - Jokes about highway robbery abound after a Russian prison chief was arrested and charged with the unlikely crime of having stolen a 30-mile stretch of public road. Russia's Investigative Committee says Alexander Protopopov directed the deconstruction of a concrete highway in the sparsely populated Komi region, where he was... More »

Optical Illusion to Slow Down Florida Drivers

Closer road lines may get drivers to brake in pilot program

(Newser) - If you can't get drivers to slow down on their own, why not trick them into it? That's the idea behind a pilot program in Florida that will give drivers the illusion they're driving faster than they are. How exactly? With road "hash marks" painted gradually... More »

Man Steals ... a Road?

Alas, he doesn't get far in Russia

(Newser) - We've heard of people stealing a bridge , but stealing a road? Such is the case in Russia, where a resident in the city of Syktyvkar confessed to doing just that and now faces two years in prison, reports RIA Novosti . He probably didn't have much of a choice... More »

Canada Used Agent Orange on Roads Until 1980

Government promises inquiry after newspaper's probe

(Newser) - Canada used Agent Orange, the Vietnam War-era chemical linked to genetic defects, as a means of clearing roadside brush until about 1980. A Toronto Star investigation found that Canada’s forestry workers faced exposure to the chemical, poured from planes, starting in the 1950s; the government promises an inquiry, amid... More »

We're Headed for Another Bridge Disaster

Spans need fixing, but Congress dithers

(Newser) - Some not-so-fun facts to ponder on your next drive: More than 151,000 of the nation's bridges—that's about 25%—are deemed structurally deficient or functionally obsolete, writes blogger Dr. Denny at Scholars and Rogues . It's true that the number is decreasing, but only incrementally. "At this rate, America... More »

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