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Viagra Gum? Drug Makers Get Busy as Generics Near

Makers of erectile dysfunction drugs try to find new niches

(Newser) - Viagra’s chemical patent expires next year, likely opening the playing field to cheaper generic versions of the pill—and in a $5 billion industry, the makers of the erectile dysfunction drug are racing to stay ahead of the competition. Pfizer recently began selling a chewable form of Viagra in... More »

'Little Blue Pill' is 10 Years Old

Viagra changed sexual landscape

(Newser) - The little blue pill that rescued the sex lives and saved marriages of couples worldwide is 10 years old this month. Viagra, which has been used by some 35 million men, moved the treatment of impotence out of the shadows to lead a multi-billion-dollar industry. The drug has also triggered... More »

Viagra Linked to Hearing Loss

FDA puts warning label on popular sex drugs

(Newser) - Add hearing loss to the list of potential side effects of Viagra and other drugs to treat sexual dysfunction. The federal Food and Drug Administration will add a warning about the risk to the labels of Viagra, Cialis, Levitra and a hypertension drug, Revatio, which contains the same ingredient as... More »

'Herbal' Sex Aids Were Viagra

Vigor-25 maker scammed $24 million

(Newser) - Federal officials yesterday arrested the maker of an "herbal," non-prescription sex supplement, Vigor-25, for lacing the pills with the active ingredient in Viagra, reports Newsday. More than 4 million of the surprisingly effective pills have been sold on the internet and at health food stores, with a label... More »

Spider Venom the New Viagra

(Newser) - Men with erectile dysfunction may get an assist, believe it or not, from the Brazillian wandering spider—also dubbed the banana spider for its propensity to hide in bunches of the fruit. Researchers at Johns Hopkins have isolated a compound in the spider's deadly saliva that causes erections, der Spiegel... More »

5 Stories