selective reduction

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The One Kind of Abortion Pro-Choicers Don't Like

William Saletan looks at reactions to a recent 'NYT' article

(Newser) - Pro-choicers are in favor of abortion rights—but when a mother-to-be selectively aborts just one of her two fetuses, even pro-choicers get uncomfortable. A recent New York Times Magazine article on the increased demand for twin reductions highlights this discomfort. In reactions to the piece, a blogger wondered if such... More »

Fertility Treatment Leads to Twins, Then Abortion

Author recounts her use of 'selective reduction'

(Newser) - At age 43, Bettina Paige turned to fertility treatments to get pregnant to provide a sibling for her young son. It worked, too well. When the doctor used the word she didn't want to hear—twins—Paige, faced with the possibility that "we’d have to leave our beloved... More »

2 Stories