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'Selfish' Woman Faces Backlash From Boss for Getting Pregnant

Story out of Japan highlights 'matahara,' aka 'maternity harassment'

(Newser) - In Japan, some employers are strict on the perks of seniority—including the issue of which workers should be allowed to marry and get pregnant first. That's why, in a Feb. 28 letter to the Japanese newspaper Mainichi Shimbun , one man says his wife became "glum and anxious"... More »

Trump Calls for 6 Weeks of Paid Maternity Leave

Ivanka joins him in effort to woo women voters

(Newser) - Donald Trump says he has gone where no GOP presidential nominee has gone before with promises of paid maternity leave and federal subsidies for child care. Accompanied by his daughter, Ivanka, Trump unveiled his plan in a speech outside Philadelphia on Tuesday evening, the Wall Street Journal reports. His campaign... More »

Mom Whose Baby Died at Daycare: Our System Is Broken

We need more parental leave, writes Amber Scorah

(Newser) - Amber Scorah wanted a longer maternity leave. She didn't yet feel comfortable leaving her 3-month-old son, but her company had no mechanism in place to allow her to take more time off, even if it was unpaid. She and her partner discussed the possibility of her quitting her job—... More »

Mom Who Dropped Kid in Cheetah Pit Is Childcare Worker

Michelle Schwab is an assistant director at KinderCare

(Newser) - The woman accused of dangling and dropping her 2-year-old boy into a zoo's cheetah exhibit is herself a childcare worker, reports. Michelle Schwab is an assistant director, no less, at KinderCare in Columbus, Ohio, the company's corporate office revealed today. Schwab "is currently home with... More »

JK Rowling: Let's Do Away With Orphanages

Author says millions of kids are suffering needlessly

(Newser) - JK Rowling makes the case today that millions of kids around the world are living in appalling conditions—the stuff of Grimms' fairytales—in institutions that are supposed to be caring for them. Rowling wants to change that, not by improving these orphanages with "pretty murals" or teddy bears,... More »

Why Moms Are More Tired Than Dads

Working mothers juggle more childcare with work: Pew report

(Newser) - Think parents are stressed as they balance work with childcare? Yep, but moms are more fatigued as they juggle work with the most stressful childcare duties, according to a Pew report of federal data. "Mothers spend much more time than fathers doing physical care—feeding the baby, giving baths,... More »

Cops Find Drugs, Cash, Gun in Raid on ... Daycare?

1 kilo cocaine, 1K Oxy pills, wads of cash stashed at daycare center

(Newser) - Of all the places in the Bronx to find a stash of drugs, guns, and weapons, "Fun World Childcare" doesn't sound like the most likely candidate. But a raid on the building that houses the daycare center last week turned up more than just teddy bears and juice... More »

5 Steps to Fix Work-Life Balance

US policy far behind other countries'

(Newser) - Following much-discussed articles like Anne-Marie Slaughter's Atlantic piece, the question of work-life balance—particularly for women—is again in the spotlight, and that's a very good thing, writes Sarah Seltzer at Salon . The fact is, the US is embarrassingly behind on the issue. But a few policy changes... More »

Are Today's Dads the New 'Second Sex'?

Gary Moskowitz notices how easily he's ignored

(Newser) - One father in London is feeling rather "invisible"—especially when doctors, nurses, and babysitters start talking. "Some of them have cut me off midsentence, and they often speak directly to my wife, even though I’m standing right there," writes Gary Moskowitz in the New York ... More »

Fourth Child Dies After Day Care Fire in Houston

Police investigate whether operator had gone shopping beforehand

(Newser) - A fourth child died today after a day care fire in Houston last week, as police investigate whether the woman who operated it out of her home left the kids unsupervised while she went shopping, reports KTRK-TV. Three other toddlers were injured, and two of them remain hospitalized. "There's... More »

Good Day Care Linked to Good Grades Later

4½-year-olds in 'high-quality' care perform better as teens

(Newser) - Kids who spend a lot of time in high-quality child care perform better academically than those who don't, even as much as 10 years later. Researchers looked at 1,364 youngsters, analyzing their academic records in the context of the kind and amount of child care they received. Previous studies... More »

Day-Care Kids Take Bigger Risks

New fuel for mommy wars

(Newser) - Teenagers who spent long hours in day-care as toddlers are more likely to take risks and act impulsively than peers who spent those years at home, finds the largest and longest study of child-care in America. The findings—sure to stir controversy among parents and policy makers—found that teens... More »

UK Gives Dads 6 Months of Paternity Leave

Policy shift reflects growing role of female breadwinners

(Newser) - The UK has overhauled its family leave policy to put more British babies in their fathers' care as mothers play the role of breadwinner. Where previously mothers got nine months' leave and fathers only two weeks, families will now have the option of shifting the mother's last three months to... More »

Home Daycare Turns Kids Into Couch Potatoes

Child-care centers do far better at restricting boob tube time

(Newser) - Children in home-based daycare watch far more TV than kids in formal child-care centers, with preschoolers averaging as much as 3.4 hours a day. The numbers in a new survey haven't changed much from stats recorded in previous years, which the researchers say they find "disconcerting, given the... More »

Recession Squeezes 'Grandfamilies'

Layoffs sting rising number of people raising grandkids

(Newser) - The recession is putting a serious strain on the safety net millions of American grandparents provide for their grandkids, the Wall Street Journal reports. The number of children who live in a household headed by a grandparent has been rising for decades, but older workers are finding it tough to... More »

Octu-Mom Takes Free Child Care, Bigger House

Nursing charity to provide care for octuplets worth up to $135K per month

(Newser) - Octuplet mom Nadya Suleman has agreed to accept free round-the-clock nursing and child care from the nonprofit group Angels In Waiting, the Los Angeles Times reports. The babies, expected to leave the hospital within weeks, will also have a bigger home to go to. Suleman's father has bought a four-bedroom... More »

Octuplet Mom Turns Down Free, 24-Hour Child Care

Starts video diary to explain her side of story

(Newser) - Nadya Suleman has rejected an offer from a nonprofit group for free, 24-hour care for her 14 kids, the Los Angeles Times reports. The group’s founder says Suleman lost interest when it vetoed a reality show based around their care, but Suleman disputes that in a video diary for... More »

Squeezed Parents Dump Daycare

Kids often home alone, but cost 'ludicrous' if 'you can't afford rent'

(Newser) - As the tanking economy squeezes parents with skyrocketing unemployment and foreclosures, experts are noticing that it's the little children who suffer—in the form of fast-emptying daycare centers. As the Washington Post reports, strapped families desperate to cut costs are pulling their kids out of programs that can cost hundreds... More »

Nebraska Closes Loophole on Abandoning Unruly Kids

Lawmakers could set age limitation today

(Newser) - Nebraska lawmakers today closed a loophole that allowed parents to abandon their unruly teenagers and leave them in state custody, the Omaha World-Herald reports. The original law was meant to allow unwanted infants to be left at hospitals without penalty, but it lacked an age restriction. Since September, 35 children,... More »

5-Year-Old Ditches Day Care for Hooters

Preschooler walks half a mile, probably for the wings

(Newser) - A Texas day-care provider has some explaining to do after losing track of a 5-year-old boy who took off on his own and walked half a mile to the local Hooters, WFAA of Dallas reports. The child asked to use the bathroom and skipped out through an emergency exit shortly... More »

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