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Golden Gate Bridge Losing Human Toll-Takers

Cash will no longer be accepted at end of March

(Newser) - The Golden Gate Bridge is going to feel a little less human starting late next month. The bridge is shifting to an all-electronic toll system, which means the elimination of 32 toll-taker positions, reports the San Jose Mercury News . Drivers who currently pay cash are being encouraged to join the... More »

Frisco Debates Downtown Traffic Fee

Motorists balk at prospect of paying up to $5 to drive to city center

(Newser) - A plan to charge motorists for driving downtown in peak hours could be a step too far even for famously green San Francisco, the Los Angeles Times reports. City officials say the plan, which would be the first of its kind in the nation if it passes, would reduce traffic... More »

State Tolls Rising—Some by 50%

Subprime crisis has officials scrambling to pay for infrastructure

(Newser) - As subprime fallout ripples across the country, several states are planning to increase road, bridge, and tunnel tolls, and not by mere pennies, USA Today reports. The George Washington Bridge, for example—which lets New Jerseyites into the Big Apple—will raise its rush hour price from $5 to $8... More »

US Gives Big Jump to NYC Traffic Plan

Bloomberg proposal gets $354M boost, but state legislature must still approve

(Newser) - The federal government has promised to pitch in $354M toward an environmentally sensitive plan to suppress car traffic in Manhattan, New York's busiest borough. But the scheme's chief proponent, Mayor Michael Bloomberg, must still win the approval of the New York state legislature, which initially chafed at his proposal, the... More »

China's Drivers Steer Clear of Tolls

Thrifty motorists resort to detours, deception to get around steep fees

(Newser) - Tolls are literally taking a toll in China, where thrifty motorists try to steer around the tollbooths cropping up on the country's highways. An infrastructure boom has created 40,000 kilometers of new toll roads since 1990, and drivers are doing anything—from faking toll-exempt plates to making long detours... More »

5 Stories