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Trump Called Her 'Nasty.' This Is Her Response

San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz wears T-shirt with that very word during TV interview

(Newser) - The back-and-forth between President Trump and Carmen Yulin Cruz continues. The San Juan mayor gave a TV interview Wednesday to offer an update in the wake of Hurricane Maria, and she sported an instantly noticeable wardrobe choice: a black T-shirt with the word "NASTY" sprawled across it in white... More »

Trump Is Feuding With Rosie O'Donnell Again

He brings up her 'FIRE COMEY' tweet

(Newser) - President Trump, facing a firestorm of controversy Thursday over his firing of FBI chief James Comey, used the moment to revive his long-running feud with Rosie O'Donnell. "We finally agree on something Rosie," the president tweeted , sharing a Dec. 20 tweet from O'Donnell that read: "... More »

Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck Feud Over Trump

Fox host says he has no interest in mending fences

(Newser) - The past few months have featured plenty of liberal versus conservative battles as Election 2016 nears the finish line. But two major players on the right took each other on this week—and it was all over Donald Trump. Hot Air reports that Fox News host Sean Hannity used his... More »

New Hazard of College Life: Roommate Spats Gone Viral

Latest is between 2 freshmen at Penn State

(Newser) - When a college freshman who's just getting to know her roommate starts tweeting things like "two weeks down and I already hate my roommate!" and "my roommate situation is a horror story," the inevitable result is that newest of dorm problems: the roommate feud gone... More »

Alec Baldwin Explains All, Exits Public Life

And he has quite a bit to say on the topic

(Newser) - Alec Baldwin is exiting public life, via a 5,267-word piece in Vulture explaining his side of all the controversy that has swirled around him, particularly since November, when he was labeled a homophobe. (It should be noted that, while he insists he is no homophobe and denies using the... More »

13 Big Celebrity Feuds

Let's just say these stars don't get along

(Newser) - Admit it: Celebrity feuds are kinda fun. Radar rounds up 26 of the juiciest. A sampling:
  • Chelsea Handler is friends with Jennifer Aniston and thus no fan of Angelina Jolie, although she once insisted, "It has nothing to do with Jennifer." She just thinks Jolie "seems like
... More »

Lady Gaga, Perez Hilton in Bizarre Feud

Singer accuses gossip blogger of stalking her

(Newser) - Perez Hilton has always been a Lady Gaga fan , and the feeling appeared to be mutual —so what happened to turn the gossip blogger and the singer against each other? It's not clear how their recent Twitter feud started, but over the past few days Hilton has been... More »

Reid, McConnell Feud Startles Chummy Senate

Senate leaders get personal over filibuster rules, 2014

(Newser) - Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell have spent a combined 60 years in the Senate, and they've generally had an amicable relationship—but no more. Sticking points include the Democrats' attempt to oust McConnell in 2014; a super PAC led by former Reid aides is working against the minority leader... More »

Hollywood's 22 Biggest Parent-Child Feuds

The latest: 50 Cent absolutely rips his own son, via text

(Newser) - An intense text message fight between 50 Cent and his 16-year-old son became public knowledge recently, and it is nasty stuff (see Radar for the full exchange). But the rapper is far from the first celebrity to have his family's dirty laundry aired in the tabloids. (Who can forget... More »

Sisters' Oscar Feud Continues, 71 Years Later

Sisters Olivia de Havilland, Joan Fontaine still don't speak

(Newser) - Olivia de Havilland and her sister, Joan Fontaine, have been feuding away since they were kids—but things got really bad at the 1942 Academy Awards, and they've never improved. De Havilland is, of course, well known for her role as Melanie Hamilton Wilkes in Gone With the Wind.... More »

21 Crazy Celebrity Feuds

The latest: Anderson Cooper and Star Jones

(Newser) - Thought Anderson Cooper's epic takedown of Star Jones was awesome? Well, that wasn't the end of the story: After his rant, Cooper was asked about Jones again, and his response was: "I’ve got nothing more to say, nor do I want to be in a room... More »

Saverin: Feud With Zuckerberg Is 'Hollywood Fantasy'

He avoids Facebook for privacy reasons

(Newser) - Remember the scene in The Social Network where Eduardo Saverin flips out at Mark Zuckerbeg, who has sneakily shrunk his share of the company? Well Saverin says it was all "Hollywood fantasy." The Facebook co-founder gave a rare interview with the Brazilian magazine Veja , in which he insists... More »

Bourdain Again Rips Paula Deen as 'Cynical, Greedy'

Says of $30M drug endorsement, 'how much money do you need?'

(Newser) - It's just another boring Wednesday, so it's the Anthony Bourdain-Paula Deen feud to the rescue! Bourdain is again reaming Deen, this time calling her "greedy" and "cynical" for pushing fattening food while keeping her type 2 diabetes a secret for three years, reports the New York ... More »

Rihanna Dissed by... 60-Something Rocker?

Gene Simmons slams Ri, while Katy Perry disses Beyonce

(Newser) - Apparently Gene Simmons hasn't heard that people who live in glass houses—and make sex tapes with their socks on—shouldn't throw stones: While announcing an upcoming tour his band is co-headlining with Motley Crue, the KISS frontman noted that the rockers would be keeping it real. "... More »

Mom Gets an Awful Obituary Thanks to Squabbling Kids

Josie Anello's son pens passive-aggressive swing at sis

(Newser) - Josie Anello's obituary ran in the Tampa Tribune on Feb. 14—but it wasn't exactly teeming with love. The wording of the 93-year-old woman's obit has brought her Internet fame after death, and turned the spotlight on her not-exactly-chummy kids. Its third line read: "She is... More »

Bush-Perry Rivalry Runs Deep

Stems from a long-ago slight in Texas politics

(Newser) - Rick Perry took over George W. Bush's job as Texas governor, and he'd sure like to grab Bush's old gig in the Oval Office, but don't expect Dubya to leap up to help put him there. Seems there's long-running tension—if not an outright feud—... More »

Palin's Camp to Rove: You Know Nothing

...about Sarah Palin's 2012 intentions, at least

(Newser) - Karl Rove has said it and said it again in recent days: Sarah Palin will run. Apparently, that wasn't inside information gleaned from his BFF, Sarah Palin. Politico spotted another "Setting the Record Straight" post on the SarahPAC website that doesn't name Rove, but clearly takes a... More »

White House Brawling With Boston Herald

Paper up in arms over being 'shut out,' but White House denies

(Newser) - Two months after the Boston Herald ran a full, front-page promo for a Mitt Romney editorial that bashed Barack Obama during the president's visit to Boston, the White House and the newspaper are still sparring, reports the LA Times . The Boston Herald says it was " shut out "... More »

Donald Trump's Latest Target: VF Blogger

Juli Weiner is a 'bad writer!'

(Newser) - Apparently tracking down President Obama's birth certificate and running a reality TV show aren't enough to keep Donald Trump busy, because his penchant for writing nastygrams to writers of less-than-flattering articles about him is getting downright habitual. "We, too, are recent beneficiaries of Trump’s editorial suggestions," writes... More »

Microsoft Wars: Paul Allen Trashes Gates in New Book

Says Gates plotted to take his shares while Allen battled cancer

(Newser) - There's no love lost between Paul Allen and Bill Gates—at least, it seems that way in Allen's new memoir. Idea Man: A Memoir by the Co-founder of Microsoft is scheduled to hit shelves April 17, and its pages contain a biting portrait of Gates, reports the Wall Street Journal... More »

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