Cowboys and Aliens

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Hollywood's Biggest 2011 Flops

Ticket sales were down, and these movies help explain why

(Newser) - This was not a banner year for Hollywood, with domestic box office revenue down 4%, breaking a string of record highs. These films were part of the reason why. The Hollywood Reporter compiled a list of 2011's biggest flops, and there were some doozies—we've listed some of... More »

Cowboys & Aliens a Bore

Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford can't quite save it

(Newser) - You’d think a movie called Cowboys and Aliens could at least hold your attention--but though the acting is good, there’s not much else to keep things interesting.
  • The film is “chockfull of elements from classic oaters—a posse, a dusty round-up, saloon stand-offs—as well as monster
... More »

Man Stabs Fellow Comic-Con Attendee With Pen: Cops

Alleged assailant in Harry Potter T-shirt may face serious charges

(Newser) - A dispute before a Comic-Con panel discussion ended with one attendee in police custody and another in the hospital being treated for a stab wound near the eye, the San Diego Union-Tribune reports. The alleged assailant was armed with a pen and wearing—look away, kids—a Harry Potter T-shirt.... More »

3 Stories