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Franzen: I Wanted to Adopt Iraqi Orphan to Figure Out Youth

Opinionated author says more stuff about women authors, too, in interview

(Newser) - To really get a handle on today's young people, would you a) hook up with your local Big Brothers Big Sisters chapter, b) volunteer at a school, or c) adopt an Iraqi orphan so you can pick his brain for why he's not idealistic or angry enough? If... More »

Almost Half of Millennial Moms Aren't Married

And other facts about the generation

(Newser) - Millennials are getting married later and at a slower pace than previous generations—in part because of economic harships—and that's leading to a lot of babies born out of wedlock. Roughly 47% of the millennial women who had babies in 2012 weren't married, compared with 35% of... More »

For Class of '16, the Secretary's a Madame

And what's radio? A look at generational quirks of freshmen

(Newser) - Does the phrase "Who shot JR?" mean anything to you? Do you remember booklet-style airline tickets, the last baseball strike, or the Clinton presidency? Well, those are things you don't have in common with this year's crop of college freshmen, Beloit College would like to remind you.... More »

In Your Late 40s? You Are the Dumbest Generation

President-Elect is smart, but his early-60s birth cohort isn't

(Newser) - Barack Obama is a pretty smart guy, but his generation—the strange, in-between group born from the late 1950s to mid-1960s—is, quantitatively, the dumbest on record, writes Neil Howe of the Washington Post. Sometimes called “Generation Jones” or “early Xers,” this group nabbed the fewest educational... More »

Free of History and Politics, Berlin Is Perfect for Obama

Even 'Victory Column' is associated now with a music festival

(Newser) - Forget the chatter about whether Barack Obama should be stopping in Brussels or giving Germany pride of place over France and Britain. Berlin is “quite an appropriate setting” for the candidate's big European speech, Cameron Abadi writes for the New Republic. The “existential angst of the Cold War”... More »

Why Gen Xers Hate Corporate Jobs

10 reasons you won't find Xers in an executive suite

(Newser) - Generation Xers don't seem to be clambering to the top of the corporate ladder in the numbers they should be—and many are turned off by corporate life altogether. BusinessWeek has 10 reasons why this might be so:
  1. Xers started their careers just as the economy went into its early
... More »

Say Hello to Generation Duh

Tech-savvy, yes, but far dumber than age cohorts past

(Newser) - Today's youth are dangerously dumb, Mark Bauerlein writes in his new book, The Dumbest Generation. Here's why:
  1. Check out Jay Leno's "Jaywalking," where "the ignorance is hard to believe."
  2. They boast "a new attitude," taking pride in their illiteracy.
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Author Just Talking 'Bout X Generation

'Ignored' demographic keeps 'everything from sucking,' book argues

(Newser) - Between the stuck-in-the-'60s boomers and their blog-happy offspring is a mighty yet forgotten generation, Jeff Gordinier writes in his new book, X Saves the World: How Generation X Got the Shaft But Can Still Keep Everything From Sucking. From less Dylan to more Cobain, the author wants the "dark-horse... More »

Racial Generation Gap Opens

Whites are older, minorities are younger

(Newser) - The number of non-white Americans has passed 100 million—a third of the current population—for the first time, the Census Bureau reports, and the growing minority population is creating a new racial generation gap. Hispanics had the lowest median age at 27.4, while the median age of whites,... More »

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