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Scalia: Arizona Ruling 'Boggles the Mind'

Justice unloads on Obama, even as both sides declare victory

(Newser) - Reactions are flying in to the Supreme Court's decision to strike down much of Arizona's immigration law, but one of the most extreme came from the court itself. Speaking in dissent of the ruling, Antonin Scalia questioned whether Arizona and other states would have even joined the union... More »

Brewer Calls Obama 'Condescending' in Book

She criticizes president and other foes of Arizona's immigration law

(Newser) - After Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer met with President Obama in the heat of last year's fight over the state's immigration law, she told reporters it was "cordial." She has a much different take in a book coming out next month, according to the Arizona Republic and... More »

Arizona Police Confirm 2nd Hack, This Time by 'AntiSec'

Group goes after officers' personal emails

(Newser) - A second computer hacking attack in two weeks against Arizona state police targeted the personal email accounts of some of its officers, an official confirmed yesterday. The Arizona Department of Public Safety is reviewing the information released by a group calling itself AntiSec. An attack last week by the computer... More »

Arizona Suing Feds Over Lax Border Security

Suit accuses government of failing to prevent 'invasion'

(Newser) - Arizona is taking the federal government to court for poor border security, alleging that it hasn't done enough to stop illegal immigration law, and protect the state from "invasion." The suit was filed as a counter suit to the federal government's legal challenge to the state's controversial immigration... More »

Private Prison Industry Helped Draft Arizona Immigration Bill

Mass detentions mean huge profits

(Newser) - If Arizona's immigration law survives its court challenges, it could result in mass detentions of immigrants—and massive profits for the private prisons holding them. So while it's no surprise the industry supports the measure, an NPR investigation reveals that it actually helped draft the law. The report shows how... More »

Bill O'Reilly's Lady Gaga Obsession Flares Up

Fox host seizes on immigration law flap to air video

(Newser) - Lady Gaga's decision to perform in Phoenix even though she opposes Arizona's new immigration law got a lot of attention, notably in the studios of Fox News Channel. Bill O'Reilly played a clip of the Saturday concert last night because he "is obsessed with Lady Gaga—this is fact,... More »

Onstage in Arizona, Lady Gaga Blasts Immigration Law

Singer rejects boycott strategy, calls on fans to protest

(Newser) - Lady Gaga isn't on board with a boycott of Arizona, but she's no fan of the state's new immigration law, reports the Arizona Republic . The singer performed last night in Phoenix with "Stop SB 1070" written on her arm to protest the legislation, parts of which went into effect... More »

7 Stories