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'Static Kill' Worked; Well Is Plugged: BP

(Newser) - The cement sealing the blown oil well in the Gulf of Mexico has hardened as crews prepare for the final phase of drilling a relief well, BP said today. The oil giant said pressure tests on the cement plug poured down the throat of the well show the seal is... More »

BP to Start Cementing Well

'Static kill' moves to second step

(Newser) - BP has been given the green light to cement its busted well in the Gulf of Mexico now that its "static kill" effort is going exactly as planned. Pouring heavy drilling mud into the Deepwater Horizon leak has reduced pressure, and BP plans to start pouring cement today, CNN... More »

BP: 'Static Kill' Is Working

Effort to finally plug well 'having desired outcome'

(Newser) - The "static kill" attempt to seal off its leaking well in the Gulf of Mexico appears to have been a success, BP says. The procedure, which involved pumping heavy drilling mud into the mouth of the well, reached "the desired outcome," and the mud is keeping the... More »

End in Sight? BP Begins 'Static Kill'

Procedure could seal the blown well for good

(Newser) - Engineers began pumping heavy drilling mud into the blown-out Gulf of Mexico oil well today in what they think is their best chance yet to reach the ultimate goal in a delicate process—snuffing one of the world's largest spills for good. Crews began the long-awaited effort dubbed the "... More »

BP: Relief Well May Not Be the Answer

Firm might try to plug busted wellhead directly

(Newser) - BP officials say the role of a relief well long considered the only surefire way to kill the Gulf oil leak is now unclear. A BP exec said today engineers may pump cement directly into the failed well using a surface ship. The company had already said it might do... More »

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