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Polygamy Still Illegal in Utah

US Supreme Court declines to hear arguments from 'Sister Wives' family

(Newser) - Polygamy is still illegal in Utah, as the US Supreme Court has declined to hear arguments against the lower court ruling that kept it so. Kody Brown and his four wives—the stars of TLC's Sister Wives—have for years been seeking to remove the penalties for polygamy in... More »

Utah's Polygamy Ban Is Back

Court reinstates law in Sister Wives case

(Newser) - A federal appeals court has ruled against four women and their husband in a move that means Utah once again has the toughest anti-polygamy law in the nation. The 10th Circuit Court of Appeals overturned a 2013 ruling that effectively decriminalized polygamy by removing penalties for married people cohabiting with... More »

Sister Wives Stars Use Gay Ruling in Polygamy Case

Hope to use legalized same-sex marriage to protect plural marriages

(Newser) - The stars of the reality TV show Sister Wives are attempting to use the landmark Supreme Court ruling legalizing same-sex marriage to protect the polygamous relationships of themselves and others. Kody Brown and his four wives say laws against consensual adult relationships are outdated, even if those relationships are unpopular.... More »

Let's Legalize Polygamy

It's the best way to cut down on its abuses, Mark Goldfeder argues

(Newser) - The stars of Sister Wives essentially won decriminalization for polygamy in Utah last week—even as TLC released another reality show, Breaking the Faith, that focused on the dark side of the practice. "Whether or not a white-washed, clean-cut version of plural marriage could in theory legally exist, in... More »

Utah Polygamy Law Unconstitutional: Federal Judge

Judge basically decriminalizes bigamy

(Newser) - Who would have thought the family from reality show Sister Wives would end up potentially making history? A US District Court judge "effectively decriminalized polygamy" in Utah yesterday when he ruled that key portions of the state's polygamy laws are unconstitutional, the Salt Lake Tribune reports. The judge... More »

Sister Wives Hubby to Sue Utah Over Polygamy Law

Suit: States shouldn't be able to punish polygamists over 'intimate conduct'

(Newser) - One of America's most famous polygamists and his four wives are taking their lifestyle from the television set to the courtroom. Sister Wives' Kody Brown and the rest of his 21-person family will file a suit tomorrow, but its goal isn't to get polygamy on the books as... More »

Sister Wives Hubby 'Marries' Wife No. 4

Will this spell more legal drama for Kody Brown?

(Newser) - Despite the fact that he’s already being investigated for felony bigamy, polygamist Kody Brown of TLC’s Sister Wives has officially added a fourth wife to his family. Brown “married” Robyn Sullivan a few months ago, sources tell TMZ , and though there were no cameras at the actual... More »

Sister Wives Stars Investigated for Felony Bigamy

Utah salesman Kody Brown has 3 wives too many

(Newser) - The stars of a new reality TV program about a fundamentalist Mormon and his four wives are being investigated for felony bigamy. Utah advertising salesman Kody Brown is legally married to only one woman, but the adults talk openly about the four wives, 13 children, and 3 stepchildren that make... More »

Polygamy Reality Show Hits TLC

13 kids (and 3 wives) and counting...

(Newser) - It was only a matter of time before TLC, home to the Duggars and their 19 kids and, of course, Jon and Kate and their eight , got itself a polygamist family. Sister Wives, premiering next month, follows Utah polygamist Kody, his three wives, their 13 children…and the fourth wife... More »

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