Lady Gaga Lollapalooza

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Lady Gaga Plans Blockbuster Movie

Pop star wants to follow in Michael Jackson's footsteps

(Newser) - Not content with entrancing Bill O'Reilly , Lady Gaga is planning her next pop-culture triumph: a blockbuster movie. "Gaga wants to emulate what Michael Jackson did during the 80s. You can already see that with her music videos," a source tells the UK tabloid News of the World ... More »

Gaga Wows Lollapalooza

'I didn't used to be brave,' she tells fans

(Newser) - Lady Gaga has come a long way since her appearance three years ago at Lollapalooza—but she hasn't forgotten some less-than-stellar reviews of that performance. The voice behind "Bad Romance" commanded thousands of screaming fans last night to forget anyone who ever said they weren't pretty or skinny enough—... More »

2 Stories