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Guy Discovers KFC Secret, Gets Special KFC Painting

Um, wow

(Newser) - "Dreams DO come true." And for Mike Edgette, who tweeted just that on Saturday morning, his dream entailed receiving a painting depicting him riding piggyback on Colonel Sanders against a picturesque mountain landscape, all the while waving a KFC drumstick. Edgette tells Mashable he received the artwork, along... More »

Corporate Espionage Case Hinges on Muffin Secrets

Thomas' exec accused of trying to take recipe to Hostess

(Newser) - If Twinkies start showing up with nooks and crannies someday, blame corporate espionage. As this New York Times story explains, an executive with the company that makes Thomas' English muffins tried to jump ship to Hostess, but the muffin maker blocked him in court because he is supposedly one of... More »

2 Stories