Cheesecake Factory

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This Year's Craziest Restaurant Meal: 3.5K Calories

Watchdog group lists diet-annihilating dishes from US chains

(Newser) - Nearly 3,550 calories for a burger, fries, and shake sounds about right—if it's one of the meals called out on a watchdog group's annual list of fatty, sugary, calorie-heavy foods served at US chain restaurants. The Center for Science in the Public Interest pored over nutritional... More »

Eight Worst Belt -Busting Menu Items

Funny how vast portions of carbs and fat pack calories

(Newser) - Anyone who has tenuously clung to a diet knows calorie counting can turn into calorie binging at a restaurant, but choose one of these items and you'll really have fallen off the wagon, ABC News reports. The Center for Science in the Public Interest released its list of eight... More »

Top 15 Casual Dining Chains in America

(Newser) - Americans like it creamy and meaty. In a recent survey of 5,000 of its "mystery shoppers," research firm Market Force asked respondents to rank their favorite family-oriented chain restaurants based on food quality and convenience. The Cheesecake Factory clobbered the competition with 13% (the numbers were adjusted... More »

3 Stories