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Palin Releases Bus Tour Video

She uses clips from media coverage to narrate

(Newser) - So it’s not a presidential campaign, but the Sarah Palin bus tour has produced what looks a lot like a commercial. The three-minute piece from SarahPAC offers an account of the trip narrated with clips from the very “lamestream media” to whom Palin refused to give a tour... More »

Palin: I'm Done Whining

... about the 'lamestream' media, anyway

(Newser) - Attention, lamestream media: Sarah Palin has had it with you, to the point where she's not even going to whine about you anymore. Seems Bill Maher called her a nasty name ever-so-subtly invoking female genitalia , NOW leaped to her defense, and Palin went on Fox yesterday to tell everyone to... More »

Sarah Palin Warms to 'Lamestream' Media

Politico piece may have prompted work with NYT , ABC

(Newser) - Though the “lamestream media" has long been her punching bag, it appears Sarah Palin is ready to embrace it—selectively. Palin, who has largely relied on Fox News, Facebook, and Twitter to air her thoughts and grievances, is now turning to outlets her supporters have been critical of in... More »

Here's Palin's 'Corrupt Bastards' Tape

Voicemail features voices talking about how to bring Joe Miller Down

(Newser) - Sarah Palin took to the airwaves and the Internet today to rail against a tape that allegedly shows workers for an Alaskan CBS affiliate plotting how to portray Joe Miller negatively. The tape, a voicemail a KTVA news producer inadvertently left for a Miller campaign spokesman, features voices talking about... More »

Palin: I Didn't Roll My Eyes at That Woman

'I've been hit by another spin operation'

(Newser) - Sarah Palin is upset that the "lamestream media" pounced on her for appearing to "roll my eyes" when the former constituent who's blasting her as the "worst governor ever" tells Palin she's a teacher—an exchange reality TV cameras naturally caught on tape (catch up on the... More »

5 Stories