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Dear Press, You're Not the Boss of Robert Gibbs

But Paul Krugman thinks he's being 'stupid' and thin-skinned

(Newser) - Robert Gibbs' takedown of the "professional left" continues to generate buzz among media types, and today produces two diametrically opposed views:
  • Paul Krugman, New York Times : The press chief needs another job if he can't take this heat. Liberal critics are voicing the "real concerns of real people,
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Gibbs: 'Professional Left' Should Be Drug-Tested

He bristles at criticism from progressives

(Newser) - After catching flak for suggesting that Democrats might lose the House , Robert Gibbs isn't exactly shying away from controversial statements. In an interview with the Hill , the White House press chief called out the "professional left" for its withering criticism of President Obama. “I hear these people saying... More »

2 Stories