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Silverstone's Brother Factors Into the Bergdahl Pot Story

David Silverstone was nabbed in Cali drug bust

(Newser) - Who knew Alicia Silverstone had a brother? She does, and he apparently runs a pot farm—specifically, one that was busted during a drug raid at which Bowe Bergdahl was present last week in California. David Silverstone, 43, was charged with felony marijuana cultivation and possession for sale, and thrown... More »

Police Raid Pot Farm, Find Bowe Bergdahl

US soldier charged with desertion not charged in California incident

(Newser) - What a California drug task force probably expected to find when it raided a Mendocino County pot farm: pot. What it probably didn't expect to find: Bowe Bergdahl . The US soldier, charged with desertion after he went missing in Afghanistan and was held by the Taliban for five years,... More »

Cops Bust Pot Garden ... Using Google Earth

Guy was authorized to grow 30 plants; he had 94

(Newser) - Police say the view from space helped them bust a medical marijuana garden with too many plants in the state of Oregon. The Grants Pass Daily Courier reports authorities received a tip that 50-year-old Curtis W. Croft was bragging about all the pot he was growing on his property outside... More »

Cops: Pot Farmers Kept Teen Girl in Metal Box

2 arrested in California, accused of keeping her for sex, work

(Newser) - Police shut down a big pot farm in California's Lake County, but the two men arrested are expected to face far more horrific charges. Authorities say the men kept a 15-year-old girl in a metal box on the farm, reports the Los Angeles Times . They had sex with her,... More »

Cops Find Huge Pot Farm in National Forest —Again

Chequamegon-Nicolet in Wisconsin is popular with growers

(Newser) - Authorities near a remote national forest in Wisconsin have issued an unusual appeal to drivers to steer clear of hitchhikers—because they might be illegal pot farmers on the run. Police found a marijuana farm of several acres within the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest whose plants (now destroyed) had an estimated... More »

Feds Dash Hopes for Large-Scale Pot Farms

Justice Department says it won't allow industrial-scale operations

(Newser) - The Justice Department has a message for states, cities, and private operators looking to cash in on medical marijuana by setting up large-scale commercial farms: Let's not get carried away. A new memo sent this week to federal prosecutors makes clear that these kinds of operations will not be... More »

Pot Farms Eat Up 1% of Nation's Electricity

Smoking joint like leaving light on all day

(Newser) - Bad news for eco-conscious stoners: That joint you just smoked hurt the planet. Marijuana grown indoors accounts for 1% of America’s yearly electricity consumption, or $5 billion worth of energy, a study finds. That’s equivalent to the annual energy bills of 2 million homes. And in terms of... More »

California's Pot Crop Draws Thieves, Violence

'Just legalize it already,' says one local

(Newser) - In California's conservative Central Valley, legions of recession-hit farmers are growing medical marijuana legally. But protection from the law can't keep robbers at bay, and there have been at least five confrontations in the last month, two of which were fatal, notes the Los Angeles Times . In one incident, a... More »

Feds Bust Major Pot Network in Wisconsin National Forest

Single group behind sophisticated farms

(Newser) - Some 200 federal agents and police swarmed a national forest in northern Wisconsin to bust a massive pot-growing network on public land. The illegal operations involved clear-cutting forests to establish fields, drying barns and shelters so growers could live and process pot on-site, reports the Green Bay Press Gazette . The... More »

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