Atlas Shrugged

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Idaho Bill Would Force Kids to Read Atlas Shrugged

But lawmaker says it's symbolic gesture, won't push for passage

(Newser) - Quick, what's the most important work in the English language, the one you absolutely should not be able to graduate high school without a thorough knowledge of? If you said Atlas Shrugged, then you have a lot in common with Idaho state Sen. John Goedde, who has introduced a... More »

Lululemon's Ayn Rand Bags Irk Customers

Libertarian author seen as a poor fit for Lululemon

(Newser) - An upscale yogawear chain isn't the most likely place you'd expect to find promoting the works of free-market libertarian author Ayn Rand, say some Lululemon shoppers. Since late October, the chain has been using shopping bags with the words "Who is John Galt?" in reference to Rand'... More »

Ayn Rand Sales Soar Thanks to Tea Party

Movement generates renewed interest in once-niche books

(Newser) - Not long ago, Ayn Rand was considered a niche author, popular only with a small sub-culture of conservative intellectuals. But now, tea party mania has sent Atlas Shrugged soaring up the sales chart, the Daily Telegraph reports. The 1957 novel, which imagines a dystopian future in which the government has... More »

She's Not a Brat; She Just Likes Ayn Rand

Satirical apology has some fun with Atlas Shrugged

(Newser) - Eric Hague pokes fun at the Ayn Rand craze with a satirical apology from one parent to another over his daughter's bratty behavior. It starts when a boy politely asks her for the Elmo ball. "To be sure, I was equally proud when Johanna yelled, 'No! Looter!' right... More »

4 Stories