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JetBlue Apologizes Via YouTube for Hellish Ordeal

Weather diverted flights to Hartford ... and then the pain set in

(Newser) - JetBlue is hoping to fend off some bad publicity with a YouTube apology to the passengers who were stranded on the tarmac over the weekend. "We know we let some of you down over the course of this weekend and for that we are truly sorry," said COO... More »

JetBlue Doubts Slater's Story: Internal Memo

Runaway flight attendant has no excuse, COO says

(Newser) - A rogue JetBlue flight attendant's explanation that an uncooperative passenger caused him to lose his mind and slide down a parked plane's emergency chute may not hold water, the airline says in an internal memo. And even if it's true, a bad day at work is no excuse for Steven... More »

2 Stories