ambiguous genitalia

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Gaga Flashes Photogs ... Er, What Was That?

Gawker stumped

(Newser) - The great Gaga mystery continues . The too-much singer flashed photogs when her slitted dress slitted a bit too much, gushes the New York Daily News , which spotted a piercing on the underwear-less Gaga. But Gawker was left wondering what exactly that was between Gaga's legs. The News blurred the... More »

Prenatal Pill May Reduce Lesbianism

Ambiguous genitalia treatment raises alarms

(Newser) - A prenatal pill designed to prevent ambiguous genitalia in newborns may end up reducing lesbianism, triggering complaints from critics that the treatment is nothing more than medical engineering to manipulate sexual orientation. A few dozen pregnancies each year in the US result in babies with congenital adrenal hyperplasia, which causes... More »

2 Stories