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NRA Prisons, 3-Strikes Laws 'Gave Us a Headache'

'Mother Jones' takes CrimeStrike program to task

(Newser) - Wayne LaPierre tossed off a line at the Senate gun-control hearings : "We've supported prison building." In fact, the NRA backed stricter sentencing and more prisons in a perfect storm of lobbying that Mother Jones says led to a larger and harsher culture of incarceration in America. It... More »

California Puts 3-Strikes Law Up to Vote

Proposition 36 would limit 'strikes' to serious, violent crimes

(Newser) - Along with a proposition to repeal the death penalty, California is considering another big change on Nov. 6: amending its three-strikes law, Mother Jones reports. If approved, Proposition 36 would only allow hefty sentences to criminals whose third offense is a serious or violent crime. So those convicted of stealing... More »

Scammer of Homeowners Gets Life in Prison

Three-strikes law takes down white-collar criminal who preyed on elderly

(Newser) - California's three-strikes law has produced an unusual result in Orange County: A non-violent, white-collar criminal has been sentenced to 25 years to life, reports the Los Angeles Times . But Timothy Barnett may not be getting much sympathy, given that he was convicted of swindling the elderly out of their... More »

Alex Trebek Burglary Suspect Faces Life Sentence

She's in trouble over 'three-strikes' law

(Newser) - A not-so-lighthearted footnote to the Alex Trebek burglary case: The woman accused of pilfering stuff from his hotel room faces 25 to life because of California's three-strikes law, reports the San Francisco Chronicle . Lucinda Moyers, 56, has two previous burglary convictions, and prosecutors consider the Trebek charges a violent... More »

Chihuahua Killer Faces ... Life

Puppy's death could cost con big time under Three Strikes Law

(Newser) - A California man accused of fatally slamming his wife's Chihuahua against a wall during a domestic dispute could be sentenced to life in prison, according to authorities. Bud Wally Ruiz gave the 6-week-old puppy, Teddy, to his wife for Mother's Day. His wife called police just days later... More »

Calif. '3 Strikes' Convict Freed

Homeless man got 25 years to life for attempted break-in

(Newser) - A homeless man sentenced to 25 years to life for trying to break into a church soup kitchen to find food has been freed by a Los Angeles judge. Gregory Taylor received the stiff sentence under California's 'three strikes" law in 1997 because he had two felony convictions for a... More »

6 Stories