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Explosion Rocks Minn. Mosque During Early Morning Prayer

No one was injured, but an office was heavily damaged

(Newser) - The FBI and ATF are investigating after a "destructive device" blew out windows and damaged an imam's office early Saturday at a mosque outside Minneapolis, the Minneapolis Star Tribune reports. According to Fox 9 , a device was thrown into the Dar Al-Farooq Islamic Center in Bloomington shortly after... More »

Hundreds Rally for Destroyed Joplin Mosque

More than $400K raised to rebuild

(Newser) - For the residents of Joplin, Missouri, the Islamic Center of Joplin was more than just a mosque—it acted as a relief center for victims during last year's horrific tornado . So when organizers threw a rally Saturday night to show support for the mosque, which burned down three weeks... More »

4 Firebombs Hit Muslim Targets in NYC

Attacks probed as anti-Muslim crimes: police

(Newser) - Four homemade firebombs went off in New York last night in what police believe to be anti-Muslim hate crimes. No one was hurt. Three of the Queens attacks used molotov cocktails made using Starbucks bottles; targets included a bodega, two houses, and a major Islamic center, the New York Times... More »

Number Protesting 'Ground Zero Mosque' Opening: Zero

Well, that was anticlimactic

(Newser) - The definition of anticlimactic: Following almost two years of clashes between those who planned the so-called “Ground Zero mosque” and those who protested it, the Park51 Islamic cultural center opened its first exhibition in New York yesterday without incident. Spectators, not protesters, viewed an exhibit featuring photos of New... More »

US Declares: Islam Is a Religion

Battle over Tennessee mosque gets more heated

(Newser) - In case you weren’t sure: Islam is a religion, not a political movement. The US Department of Justice officially pronounced it so in a Tennessee courtroom, the latest move in the uproar over a proposed Islamic center in that state. The worshipers of a mosque near Murfreesboro have been... More »

Vandals Slap Bacon on Islamic Center

'Pig Chump' spelled out in pork

(Newser) - Police were called to a South Carolina Islamic center after worshipers found the words “PIG CHUMP” spelled out in strips of bacon on a tiled walkway. They believe it was placed there during a prayer meeting between 7am and 2pm on Sunday. For a second, everyone thought it was... More »

Ground Zero Imam, Wife Getting Death Threats: Police

Cops confirm Daisy Khan's statement yesterday

(Newser) - Hours after Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf's wife told ABC's This Week she and her husband had received death threats, police confirmed that the couple behind the Park51 Islamic center (or " ground zero mosque ") have indeed been threatened. It "began several weeks ago," a police spokesperson... More »

Stewart Skewers Fox Mosque Hysteria

'Daily Show' host compares media to distractable dogs

(Newser) - Jon Stewart took on everyone's favorite controversies last night : would-be Koran-burner Terry Jones, and the imam behind the so-called "Ground Zero mosque." (Or, as Stewart called it, the "community center of death.") He noted that when the imam issued his warning that moving the Islamic... More »

It's Time for Us to Reject Hatred

Kathleen Parker apologizes to the 'Muslim World'

(Newser) - Kathleen Parker pens a letter to the “Muslim World” in the Washington Post , calling herself “an American citizen who is deeply embarrassed by current events in my country.” When it comes to “so-called pastor” Terry Jones , “please ignore” him. “What we hope you understand... More »

9/11 Widow: Why I Want the Mosque

Alissa Torres believes 'we've missed the patriotic message entirely'

(Newser) - Alissa Torres, who lost her husband on 9/11, learned about the Park51 Islamic center when a reporter emailed her looking for family members who thought the mosque was "a bad idea." "I always thought journalists were supposed to be objective, and yet, here we were, the 'victims... More »

Hundreds Rally Against Islamic Center

But rival protest pleads for peace

(Newser) - Some 1,000 protesters swarmed the site of the proposed Islamic Center near Ground Zero yesterday, largely overshadowing 250 demonstrators supporting the project. "It's a breeding ground for terrorists," grumbled critic Shawn Gilfeather. Opponents held aloft banners reading: "Building a mosque at Ground Zero Is like building... More »

Local Strippers Totally OK With Ground Zero Mosque

Dismiss 'hallowed ground' claims

(Newser) - Plans to build a mosque near the Ground Zero site in lower Manhattan have stirred outrage far and wide, but for many who work in the neighborhood, it's live and let live. "I don’t know what the big deal is," a stripper from the nearby New York... More »

AP Tells Reporters: Avoid 'Ground Zero Mosque'

News organization issues guidelines on project

(Newser) - The Associated Press has issued guidelines for its reporters and headline writers regarding a certain proposed development near ground zero. Full memo here , or for highlights:
  • "We should continue to avoid the phrase 'ground zero mosque' or 'mosque at ground zero' on all platforms." Instead, "say it’
... More »

Suddenly, Everyone Wants This Guy

Bush haters call for him to save the mosque mess

(Newser) - There's apparently only one person who can get us out of this mosque mess, and it's ... George Bush? This is the conclusion drawn by Byron York of the Washington Examiner , who's marveling at the spate of pleas in recent days by the likes of Maureen Dowd , Eugene Robinson , and Peter... More »

Obama: 'No Regrets' on Mosque Comments

President isn't sorry he got involved in the controversy

(Newser) - He's taking heat from both sides of the mosque debate now (witness Maureen Dowd today ), but President Obama says he doesn't regret wading into the controversy. A reporter shouted out the question during a stop in Columbus, and after a few moments in which it seemed he wouldn't answer,... More »

Pelosi's Call for Probe of Mosque Foes Raises a Stink

Right is outraged; she clarifies a bit

(Newser) - Nancy Pelosi has set off a mini-furor by calling for an investigation of those who oppose the proposed mosque and Islamic center. "There's no question that there's a concerted effort to make this a political issue by some," she told a San Francisco radio station yesterday. "And... More »

These 'Professional Bigots' Thrive on 'Muslim-Baiting'

Writer is glad his immigrant father didn't live to see this day

(Newser) - One of Newt Gingrich's complaints about the proposed mosque near Ground Zero is that no churches or synagogues are allowed in Saudi Arabia. Well yeah, writes Haris Tanin. "But that is precisely the reason so many Muslim immigrants like my father chose not to make a home there or... More »

C'mon, Obama: Be Moral, Not 'Clintonesque'

We expected more from this 'paragon of high principle'

(Newser) - So President Obama appears to support the Ground Zero mosque and then weasels out of it with a lawyerly explanation that was downright "Clintonesque," writes Maureen Dowd. The thing is, we never expected Bill Clinton to be the nation's "moral guide." When he equivocated, it was... More »

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