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GOProud Founder Leaving Republican Party Over 'Bigotry'

Gay conservative Jimmy LaSalvia registers as independent

(Newser) - Jimmy LaSalvia, a lifelong Republican who also happens to be a gay man, founded GOProud in an effort to provide a more conservative alternative to the Log Cabin Republicans. But now he's leaving the Republican party altogether. In a post on his blog this week, LaSalvia revealed that he... More »

Barney Frank Defends 'Uncle Tom' Comments

Log Cabin Republicans 'acquiesce' to 'the masters'

(Newser) - A backlash erupted over Barney Frank's comments that Log Cabin Republicans and GOProud members are gay Uncle Toms . Frank doesn't care: He doubles down on his comments and defends them in the Huffington Post . Frank explains that gay Republicans who claim to be improving the GOP's attitude... More »

What to Watch for at CPAC

Conservatives ready to rumble, test presidential waters

(Newser) - The Conservative Political Action Conference kicks off today, and it promises to be an interesting one, given the crossroads the movement finds itself at. Politico breaks down what to watch thusly:
  • The 2012 Presidential Race: Candidates will be test-driving their messages in what’s seen as the first big event
... More »

Ann Coulter: MSNBC Host Is 'Retarded'

Dilemma for Sarah Palin?

(Newser) - Is it time for "mama grizzly" Sarah Palin to maul yet another user of her hated R-bomb? This time it was conservative pundit Ann Coulter in a tweet: "Great video: head of GOProud interviewed by retarded person on MSNBC." That "retarded person" is MSNBC host Cenk... More »

Peeved Righties Boycott CPAC Over Gay Invite

They withdraw because GOProud will be at February event

(Newser) - Culture wars on the right: Two big conservative groups—the Family Research Council and Concerned Women for America—won't participate in the annual Conservative Political Action Conference in February because the gay group GOProud is invited. Controversy over the group surfaced last year when a CPAC speaker publicly rebuked organizers... More »

Bristol 'Sorry' for Willow's Gay Slurs

But right-wing gay group supports Willow

(Newser) - Bristol Palin has apologized, sort of, for the gay slurs her sister posted on Facebook after a schoolmate criticized their mom's reality show. "Willow and I shouldn't have reacted to negative comments about our family. We apologize.," wrote Bristol on Facebook. Her contrition was somewhat tempered by her... More »

Righties to GOP: Stick to Shrinking Gov't

Gay Republicans, Tea Partiers want brass to skip social issues

(Newser) - Gay Republicans and Tea Party leaders are calling on Congressional Republicans to steer clear of social issues, Politico reports. In a letter, advocates ask John Boehner and Mitch McConnell to focus on “the principles of the Tea Party movement”—which they say have nothing to do with social... More »

Almost 1 in 3 Gays Voted Republican

It's an increase over 2008

(Newser) - Is the Republican party getting a bit more fabulous? In a CNN exit poll , 31% of those who identified themselves as gay voted Republican, up from 27% in 2008 and 23% in 2004. The sample size is pretty small—only 3% of the 17,504 voters CNN talked to were... More »

Gay Republicans Complain of Intolerance—on the Left

Political reaction to Ken Mehlman goes against stereotype

(Newser) - In assessing the fallout from former RNC chief Ken Mehlman's decision to come out of the closet, Jacob Bernstein points out in the Daily Beast that fellow conservatives seemed to shrug it off while "gay activists on the left pounced." Witness this diatribe from a PR strategist in... More »

Conservative Group Drops Coulter Over Speech to Gays

She blasts 'swine' who made decision

(Newser) - The right-wing website World Net Daily has dumped Ann Coulter from an event next month because she's separately agreed to address a group of gay conservatives. WND editor Joseph Farah calls it a "matter of principle," reports the Huffington Post . Coulter fired back, telling the Daily Caller that... More »

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