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Hank Williams Jr: Obama a Muslim, 'We Hate Him'

Country scion again rips into president

(Newser) - Hank Williams Jr. might have lost his Monday Night Football gig over, and even apologized for , comparing President Obama to Adolf Hitler , but apparently he's still no fan of the current occupant of the White House. Seems the country music scion played Iowa on Friday night, and as Steve... More »

Obama Blamed Fox News for Political Woes

David Corn's 'Showdown' also reveals Obama's 'secret strategy' with GOP

(Newser) - President Obama accused Fox News of hobbling his political success by repeatedly saying he's a Muslim, according to a new book on his administration. During a closed-door meeting with labor leaders in 2010, Obama said he was "losing white males" who watch Fox News and "hear Obama... More »

Obama Skipping Sikh Temple to Dodge Muslim Rumors

Source says head covering was an issue

(Newser) - President Obama won't be visiting Sikh worshipers' holiest site on his upcoming trip to India because he doesn't want to fuel rumors that he is a Muslim, a US official tells the New York Times . Visitors to Amritsar's Golden Temple are required to cover their heads and the White House... More »

Obama's a Secret Muslim: O'Donnell's Old Campaign Chief

A 'commie-influenced Muslim,' even

(Newser) - Another day, another person calling President Obama a secret Muslim —only this time, the person in question has a history with Christine O’Donnell. Jon Moseley, who's described himself as manager of O'Donnell's failed 2008 Senate campaign and also worked as its treasurer, is a longtime activist who's toiled... More »

52% of GOP Thinks Obama Supports Spread of Islamic Law

And 24% of Americans still think he's a Muslim

(Newser) - More than half of Republicans surveyed in a new Newsweek poll believe that President Obama supports the proliferation of Islamic law worldwide: 14% of Republicans said Obama definitely "sympathizes with the goals of Islamic fundamentalists who want to impose Islamic law around the world," while an additional 38%... More »

Obama, the Christian, Prefers to Pray Privately

White House goes on the offensive

(Newser) - Unlike his predecessors, President Obama prefers to keep his expressions of religious faith private, Michael D. Shear writes in the Washington Post , recounting the president's unpublicized decision to have a prayer session with three Christian pastors on his 49th birthday. He often consults spiritual advisers but hasn't joined a church... More »

Poll: 1 in 5 Thinks Obama Is Muslim

Confusion over president's religion is growing

(Newser) - Americans are becoming increasingly confused about their president's religion, polls show. Almost a fifth of Americans incorrectly believe that President Obama is a Muslim, according to a Pew Research Center poll released today. Only 34% got it right and said the president is a Christian, while 43% said they weren't... More »

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