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GOP Candidates Steering Clear of Glenn Beck Israel Rally

So far, only Joe Lieberman, Herman Cain interested

(Newser) - Glenn Beck can't seem to get much traction on his upcoming political rally in Israel. So far, not a single leading GOP presidential candidate has expressed interest in attending the pro-Israel demonstration organized by the ousted Fox mega-mouth. As of now only former Democratic vice presidential contender Joseph Lieberman... More »

Glenn Beck's Next Rally Site: Jerusalem

Announces 'Restoring Courage' plans on radio show

(Newser) - Glenn Beck went to Washington last summer to restore honor; now, he’s planning to bring courage back to Jerusalem. Beck made his promised “big announcement” today on his radio show: Sometime in August, Beck will head to the city for another rally. “I invite you to join... More »

The Top Moments in 2010 Politics

The Tea Party really made things interesting this year

(Newser) - From a January special election right up to the unexpectedly-productive lame duck Congress that just finished, 2010 was an incredible year in politics. Here's the rundown of Politico's top moments:
  • Jan. 9, Scott Brown surges—The Republican took the lead in polls, sending uneasy Democrats into full-fledged panic mode. Just
... More »

Beck Rally the 'Waterworld of White Self-Pity'

Nativist demonstrators voice anxieties of the coming white 'minority'

(Newser) - What was it like to be at Glenn Beck's "Restoring Honor" rally? Like visiting a political event in the not-so-distant future when white people are a minority in America, writes Christopher Hitchens for Slate . The prescriptions offered by speakers and attendees for restoring "honor"—and exactly what... More »

So, Just How Many Attended Beck's Rally?

Reports range from 87K all the way to 500K or more

(Newser) - Glenn Beck himself estimated the number of people at yesterday’s “Restoring Honor” rally at between 300,000 and 650,000. But we may never get an official answer, thanks to the politically charged nature of the question, CNN reports . The network sums up some of the wildly varied... More »

Beck: No Palin-Beck 2012

Of course that's what everyone's talking about

(Newser) - The star of yesterday's show at the Lincoln Memorial was the star of the Sunday dial, with none other than Glenn Beck taking a seat opposite fellow Fox Newser Chris Wallace for an interview that Politico notes was at times overly adulatory with the occasional hardball. Highlights:
  • On Palin-Beck 2012:
... More »

Beck: America Returning to God

Thousands attend his rally in Washington

(Newser) - Some highlights from the Glenn Beck rally, as rounded up by the Times , Post , Politico , and AP :
  • Beck: "For too long, this country has wandered in darkness. ... We have had moments of brilliance and moments of darkness. But this country has spent far too long worried about scars and
... More »

Glenn Beck Now Owns Civil Rights

Mostly because he says so

(Newser) - It's the dawn of Glenn Beck's much-debated Restoring Honor rally on the anniversary of MLK's Dream, and Washington Post scribe Dana Milbank—the author of a forthcoming Beck biography—takes a somewhat incredulous look at the white guy with the borderline racist track record and his bid to co-opt the... More »

Jon Stewart Takes Down 'Beckapalooza'

Stephen Colbert joins in on the fun, too

(Newser) - The Daily Show is going on vacation for the next 10 days, so Jon Stewart took the opportunity last night to take down Glenn Beck and his “Restoring Honor” rally —or, as Stewart called it, “Beckapalooza, Beckstock, Beckchella, Becketh Fair, Becking Man.” The epic 10-minute rant... More »

Park Service Approves Glenn Beck's DC Rally

It's on the anniversary of MLK's 'I Have a Dream' speech

(Newser) - Glenn Beck's controversial DC rally is a go. The National Park Service has approved a permit to stage his "Restoring Honor" event at the National Mall on Aug. 28, the anniversary of Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream" speech at the same location, reports the Washington Post... More »

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