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$20 Gone With the Wind Dress Sells for $137K

James Tumblin found it on costume company's floor in the 1960s

(Newser) - James Tumblin's 300,000-piece collection of Gone With the Wind memorabilia started with a single gray dress with black appliques that lay crumpled on the floor of the Western Costume Company in Los Angeles in the 1960s. "A docent told me not to bother to pick it up,... More »

Revealed: Laurence Olivier, Vivien Leigh's Love Letters

And they're pretty steamy

(Newser) - Laurence Olivier and Vivien Leigh embarked on an epic affair in 1936 while playing lovers in Fire Over England; after keeping their relationship secret for four years, they married, only to divorce in 1960. Throughout that time—and even after they divorced—they wrote passionate letters to each other; 200... More »

Gone With the Wind Dresses Fight Against Time

Nearly 75 years old, one ballgown is faded forever

(Newser) - Efforts to preserve and restore several iconic dresses from the Oscar-winning Civil War movie Gone With the Wind have uncovered what might be painful for die-hard fans: Some of them simply can't be made to look like they did on screen. Stitching and holes can be repaired and extra... More »

Vivien Leigh: Bisexual Adulterer

'Gone With the Wind' star also liked male prostitutes

(Newser) - Vivien Leigh: “The essence of English womanhood,” as a poet laureate once said, or a bisexual adulterer with a taste for male prostitutes? The latter, according to an upcoming biography of the Gone With the Wind actress. Throughout Leigh’s marriage to Laurence Olivier, she cheated on him... More »

4 Stories