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You Can Tell Whether the CIA Has Hacked Your TV

Experts say WikiLeaks files 'sinister,' but not surprising

(Newser) - It's being called the CIA's "Snowden moment" —and it reveals secrets that paranoid time-travelers from the 1950s would find completely unsurprising, including suggestions that the agency has been spying on people through their TVs. The CIA is scrambling to deal with the fallout from WikiLeaks' release... More »

Prosecution Links Manning to Assange

Recovered files put Manning in 'serious trouble': expert

(Newser) - Prosecutors unveiled a damning litany of evidence yesterday at a pretrial hearing linking Bradley Manning to the massive leak of government materials posted on WikiLeaks, reports the Washington Post. The trove includes chat logs between Manning and Julian Assange, testimony that Manning's computers contained more than 100,000 State... More »

WTF: Meet CIA's WikiLeaks Task Force

Spies poke fun at diplomats, military

(Newser) - Oh, those snarky spies. The CIA is launching a WikiLeaks Task Force—or, as spies around Langley are referring to it, WTF. The irreverent name is in part a reminder that the spy agency has sustained relatively little WikiLeakage, with only a scant handful of files trickling out, the Washington ... More »

US Diplomats Deployed as Spies

Disclosed cables reveal unorthodox tactics

(Newser) - US diplomats collect personal and financial data on foreign officials in a manner one might expect of, well, spies, the LA Times reports. While State Department employees aren't exactly the new James Bonds, both Condoleezza Rice and Hillary Clinton have asked diplomats to deliver anything they can from a laundry... More »

CIA Chief: Everybody Stop Leaking Stuff

Leon Panetta plans WikiLeaks probe

(Newser) - CIA chief Leon Panetta has sent a memo to employees of the nation's spy agency warning them that leaks of classified information "cannot be tolerated." Panetta warned that "a damaging spate of media leaks on a wide range of national security issues" has endangered lives and compromised... More »

Why Isn't Julian Assange Dead?

Surely the CIA should have killed him by now, Jonah Goldberg muses

(Newser) - If the CIA is really as competent as everyone seems to believe, then “why wasn’t Julian Assange garroted in his hotel room years ago?” asks Jonah Goldberg in the National Review . WikiLeaks is, according to the military, a major national security problem. So whether spies are the nefarious... More »

WikiLeaks Posts CIA 'Terrorist Export' Memo

US has long history of sending terror abroad

(Newser) - America has exported home-grown terrorists for years, states a secret CIA document posted by the whistle-blowing WikiLeaks. The three-page memo outlines attacks abroad by US-based or US-funded Jewish, Muslim, and Irish-American terrorists, and questions the impact of such attacks on the foreign perception of America. If the US is regarded... More »

WikiLeaks Releasing CIA Doc Today

Site says it plans to make 'CIA paper' public

(Newser) - WikiLeaks is planning to release another secret document, and this time the CIA's involved. "WikiLeaks to release CIA paper tomorrow," the group tweeted yesterday, without providing any further details. It's not clear whether this document is connected to the 15,000 Afghanistan war records WIkiLeaks says it still... More »

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