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To Thwart Thieves, Amazon Turns to 'Virtual Doormen'

Urban grocery stores, 7-11s host 'Amazon lockers'

(Newser) - Amazon's got a solution for customers worried their packages could be stolen from outside their doors. The company has set up metal cabinets, aka Amazon Lockers, in 7-Elevens, grocery stores, and drugstores in select parts of the country that safely house orders until customers come to collect them, the... More »

Shopper Hit With Hate Crime After Decking 'al-Qaeda' Clerk

He sees red over turban

(Newser) - A Seattle shopper has been charged with assault and a hate crime after slugging a 7-11 clerk wearing a turban in an unprovoked attack. "You're not even American, you're al-Qaeda. Go back to your country," said the man as he punched the clerk. He was ejected from the... More »

2 Stories