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Ex-Addict: I Got Prescription Opioids Way Too Easily

Doctors knew history, kept pills coming

(Newser) - Seth Mnookin is recovering from a three-year addiction to heroin, which he kicked in 1997. So when he went to Massachusetts General Hospital to be treated for kidney stones that left him in severe pain, he made sure to tell every medical professional he encountered about his history with addiction.... More »

Faithful Hooked on '12-Step' Beck

'We're all part of his ego-obsessed recovery'

(Newser) - Recovering alcoholic Glenn Beck has somehow managed to get us all hooked on the emotional, often religion-heavy 12 steps of an "Alcoholics Anonymous playbook," writes Kathleen Parker in the Washington Post . "Addiction has been a defining part" of Beck's life, and "recovery is a process inseparable"... More »

2 Stories