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Teen Girl Faces Charges in Baby Carrot Assault

'I don't even know how to combat the stupidity'

(Newser) - A 14-year-old girl could be charged with assault and battery after throwing a baby carrot at a teacher at Virginia's Moody Middle School, WTVR reports. It's an outcome the girl's mother, Karrie May, is having a hard time wrapping her head around. "I don't even... More »

Eating Carrots Makes You Prettier

Attractiveness linked to carotenoid intake

(Newser) - Eating carrots and other fruits high in carotenoids makes you more physically attractive, a new study suggests. British researchers had volunteers score pictures of other subjects by physical attractiveness, reports the AFP. It turned out that people who ate the most carrots, plums, and other strongly pigmented foods had a... More »

Can Baby Carrots Really Kill Doritos?

The carrot industry is spending $25M to try

(Newser) - What do Doritos and baby carrots have in common? The answer we're looking for is "they're both lunchtime standards"—and the baby carrot industry wants to take Doritos and its snack-food brethren down. Some 50 carrot growers are planning a $25 million marketing effort designed to convince kids... More »

3 Stories