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Aunt Creates Fake Facebook Profile, Things Go Quite Awry

...when niece asks fake 'friend' to kill her aunt

(Newser) - Today in unexpected twists—what began as an attempt to teach a 19-year-old a life lesson turned into a murder-for-hire plot that has landed that same teen in Tuscaloosa County Jail. This is how it went down: reports that Marissa Williams often invited strangers she met on Facebook... More »

More Teens Are Smoking ... Coffee?

It's all fun and games until the vomiting and dizziness kicks in

(Newser) - "Barista, would you roll me a robust Columbian blend?" We're not quite there yet, but more teenagers are smoking coffee rather than drinking it and posting videos of the practice online, the Orlando Sentinel reports. Only problem: It seems unsafe, with users reporting hallucinations, vomiting, dizziness, and trouble... More »

400 Teens Plow Through Brooklyn Mall

Unaccompanied minors briefly banned after reported fights

(Newser) - The day after Christmas, some 400 teens burst into a Brooklyn mall, and fights and looting ensued, according to New York Post sources. The kids reportedly thought—incorrectly—that the rapper Fabolous was going to perform at Kings Plaza. "I was begging them to stop. There were a lot... More »

Yep, Teens Hate Facebook, but It Doesn't Matter

Big European study confirms trend, but Zuckerberg has bigger goals

(Newser) - A comprehensive study in Europe confirms a not-so-surprising point about teenagers: They're ditching Facebook in large numbers for other services such as Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram, reports the Guardian . In fact, the lead researcher uses the phrase "dead and buried" to describe how teens feel about Facebook in... More »

Knockout Game 'Trend' Is Just a Racist Myth

Reports 'part of ongoing demonization of black teens': Robin Abcarian

(Newser) - Reports have been flying about a game called "Knockout," in which teens punch innocent passersby for fun. And conservative outlets are blasting the politically correct-minded mainstream media for neglecting to mention the supposed fact that African-American teens are behind the attacks, writes Robin Abcarian in the LA Times... More »

Scary New 'Game' for Teens: Knockout

It involves punching unsuspecting victims unconscious

(Newser) - A terrifying new "game" is sweeping across the nation: "Knockout." Just like it sounds, it involves targeting a stranger on the street and rendering him unconscious with one punch, WPIX reports. Videos of the attacks are increasing on YouTube, WJLA reports. The NYPD is investigating a series... More »

Weeklong Experiment: Mom Wears Axe Spray

Dahlia Lithwick joins ranks of teen boys

(Newser) - It seems Axe body spray is contagious. Dahlia Lithwick was too familiar with its "olfactory terrorism" after her sons, ages 10 and 8, started wearing the brand's body wash, deodorant, and spray in imitation of their 13-year-old cousin. She teased, she joked, and then she one day discovered... More »

2 Girls Arrested After Bullied Girl Kills Herself

Girls charged with felony stalking in Rebecca Sedwick case

(Newser) - Two girls have been arrested in the death of a 12-year-old central Florida girl who authorities say committed suicide after being bulled online for nearly a year, a sheriff said. The girls are 12 and 14, and they have been charged with felony aggravated stalking, Polk County authorities say. Officials... More »

US Teens Are Actually Getting Healthier

More veggies, more exercise, less TV—but still not enough

(Newser) - American teenagers may not be the junk food-scarfing, video game-addicted balls of lard the media likes to make them out to be—or at least, they may not be anymore. A new study has found teens in 2010 were eating more vegetables, getting more exercise, drinking less soda, and watching... More »

WaPo Columnist Links Miley, 'So-Called Steubenville Rape'

Richard Cohen sets off a firestorm on the Internet

(Newser) - Richard Cohen condemns teenage culture in the Washington Post today, and in so doing manages to link Miley Cyrus' VMA twerking to what he terms the "so-called Steubenville rape case." He uses the qualifier because "this was not a rape involving sexual intercourse." The passed-out girl... More »

Another Teen Nabbed in WWII Vet's Slaying

Outrage over Delbert Belton's death explodes on social media

(Newser) - Another teen has been arrested following the beating death of Delbert Belton , an 88-year-old World War II veteran, in Spokane, Wash. Both Kenan Adams-Kinard and a suspect arrested earlier are 16; Adams-Kinard's name was released despite his age because, according to officials, "he represents ... an actual danger to... More »

Coming Soon on LinkedIn: 14-Year-Olds

Site hopes teens will use it to choose colleges

(Newser) - Your LinkedIn feed could soon be full of such awesome networking connections as "paperboy" and "babysitter": The site is dropping its minimum age next month, and come Sept. 12, 14-year-olds will be able to sign up, the Wall Street Journal reports. Why 14? That's the legal age... More »

Teen Driver in 5-Death Crash Had No License

Abdulrahman Alyahyan was cited for violation

(Newser) - The teen driver in a Memorial Day car accident called the " worst solo crash in recent memory " didn't have a valid driver's license, and he was cited last month for violating his provisional one, the Los Angeles Times reports. Abdulrahman Alyahyan, 17, received a citation for... More »

Teens Name Their Biggest Beefs With Facebook

Parents, drama, prolific posters

(Newser) - The vast majority of teens (to the tune of 94% in 2012) are on Facebook, but many of them are gravitating toward Twitter and other social media sites that their parents don't tend to use, according to a new Pew Research Center poll. Researchers found that teenage Facebook users—... More »

1-in-5 Teen Births Not a First Child

This is actually an improvement

(Newser) - A full 18.3% teens aged 15 to 19 who gave birth in the US in 2010 already had one or more children, reports USA Today . But before you bury your head in your hands, there's an upside: that figure is actually down from 19.5% in 2007, and... More »

Under Microscope, Steubenville Rape Trial Kicks Off

No electronic devices allowed in courtroom after weeks of online furor

(Newser) - There will be no electronic devices allowed in the Steubenville courtroom where the trial begins today for the two high school football players accused of raping a 16-year-old girl last summer—ironic considering how the accused and the entire town have been on trial via all matter of social media... More »

Teens Now 'Sleep Texting'

Which sounds a lot like wake-texting, honestly

(Newser) - Everybody panic: Our latest youth crisis has teens texting in their sleep. On CNET , Chris Matyszczyk calls it "like sleepwalking, but potentially more amusing." As an expert explains to CBS Philadelphia , “The phone will beep, they’ll answer the text. They’ll either respond in words or... More »

Missouri School to Cut Kids' Hair for Drug Test

60 strands will be cut from students—and participation is mandatory

(Newser) - One Kansas City high school is taking the war on drugs to the next level. Beginning this fall, Rockhurst High School will require students to submit their hair for random drug tests, reports KSHB . In a somewhat bizarre-sounding process, a staff member who happens to be a barber will cut... More »

Lack of Cancer Drug Caused 'Shocking' Teen Relapses

Cancer expert slaps 'ridiculous situation'

(Newser) - The dangerous effects of US drug shortages have been made all too clear in a new study. In 2010, sufferers of Hodgkin's lymphoma—who tend to be teenagers—suffered relapses that were likely due to limited supply of mechlorethamine, a generic medication used to treat the cancer. When substitutes... More »

Sibling Fights Can Take a Toll

Researchers link them to anxiety, depression later

(Newser) - A new study suggests that parents shouldn't ignore frequent arguments between their kids as harmless sibling rivalry. What's more, they should pay attention to what the fights are about, reports USA Today . Researchers found that:
  • Personal space, property: Teens who argued about these things—walking into a sibling'
... More »

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