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After Canoe Crash in Canada, Tourists Walked for 11 Days

German pair love the country 'much more now'

(Newser) - It's a good thing Wolf Wagner and John Hoentsch had planned to spend three weeks in the Canadian wilderness. After crashing their canoe on rapids in Manitoba's Hayes River just 11 days into a planned trip to Hudson Bay, it took the German tourists another 11 days to... More »

She Was Trying to Make It to Canada, Died a Half-Mile Away

Body of 57-year-old woman found near Manitoba border

(Newser) - Authorities say a woman trying to reach Canada was found dead in northwestern Minnesota. Kittson County Chief Deputy Matt Vig tells WDAZ-TV that the woman, 57-year-old Mavis Otuteye, is believed to be a citizen of Ghana. Her body was found Friday in a field a half-mile from the Manitoba border... More »

Rejected by US, Accepted by Canada: 'I'm Finally Home'

Refugee who lost all his fingers on trek north will be able to stay in Canada

(Newser) - A Ghanaian refugee who lost all his fingers to frostbite after his Christmas Eve journey to Canada wept with joy after learning he would not be sent back to his homeland, where he fears persecution for being bisexual. Canada's refugee board has accepted the asylum claim of Seidu Mohammed,... More »

Man Who Beheaded Bus Passenger Freed

Matt Baker gets total discharge for 2008 attack

(Newser) - A man who stabbed, beheaded, and partially cannibalized a fellow Greyhound bus passenger in a terrifying random attack in 2008 has been granted an absolute discharge by authorities in Canada, meaning he will no longer be subject to any court-ordered monitoring. That includes monitoring to check whether he is taking... More »

Video of Polar Bear Petting Dog Goes Viral. Now the Bad News

A bear on Canadian landowner's property ate one of his chained-up sled dogs

(Newser) - A video of a polar bear petting a sled dog that went viral seemed heartwarming, but a new development casts the interaction in a different light. The Dodo has updated its initial post on the incident, which took place near Churchill in Manitoba. The video was shot on property belonging... More »

Did Someone at Hospital Switch Multiple Babies on Purpose?

Police launch investigation into two 41-year-old cases at Canadian hospital

(Newser) - The Royal Canadian Mounted Police are investigating after revelations that two different sets of babies—at least—were switched at birth at the same hospital 41 years ago, the AP reports. "The RCMP has an obligation to the families involved and to the public to determine if the incidents... More »

2nd Switched-at-Birth Case Found in Same Hospital

Canadian men discovered the truth after 41 years

(Newser) - Two 41-year-old men in Manitoba, Canada, have been devastated to discover that they were raised by the wrong families after having been switched at birth by a hospital that mixed up at least two other babies the same year. Leon Swanson and David Tait Jr. were born three days apart... More »

Dad Patrols Streets After Losing Son to Drunk Driver

Les Yasinsky patrols Winnipeg's streets on weekends

(Newser) - There's an extra set of eyes watching for drunk drivers in the Canadian city of Winnipeg, and they don't belong to a police officer. Les Yasinsky spends most Friday and Saturday nights staked out near bars looking for people who "are falling over drunk and … get... More »

Canada Tornado One of Longest in History

It was on the ground about 3 hours

(Newser) - The amount of time tornadoes spend on the ground is usually measured in minutes. That won't quite do for the behemoth that hit the Canadian province of Manitoba Monday night—figure nearly three hours. Given that the longest on record is the three-and-a-half-hour Tri-State tornado of 1925 in the... More »

Wall of Ice Surges Out of Lake, Crushes Homes

Strong winds drive freak ice wave to destroy 12 Manitoba houses

(Newser) - Winter isn't finished with Canada's western Manitoba, where 50mph winds apparently drove a 30-foot wall of ice out of a lake and sent it smashing into the shore, destroying a dozen homes and damaging 15 more, the CBC reports. The small community near Winnipeg is under a state... More »

Judge Lets Rapist Off Because Victim Was 'Inviting'

Canadian court says Kenneth Rhodes was just a 'clumsy Don Juan'

(Newser) - A convicted rapist got off without any jail time last week, when a Canadian judge declared that he’d merely been a “clumsy Don Juan” led on by an “inviting” victim, reports the Winnipeg Free Press . When the man, Kenneth Rhodes, met his eventual victim and another woman... More »

Manitoba Judge in Nude Photo Scandal

(Newser) - A Manitoba judge may be forced to leave her position because of seedy dealings her lawyer husband had with a client in 2003. Client Alexander Chapman met with Jack King for help with his divorce and alleges that King directed him to a sex website where he found images of... More »

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