church burns Korans

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New 2012 Contender: Koran-Burner Terry Jones

Terry Jones announces his run for president

(Newser) - The Republican nomination race is already kinda like a reality show, according to some , so this should come as little surprise: Pastor Terry Jones is joining the fray. Jones, better known for his affinity for pairing Korans and matches, announced his 2012 plans yesterday, ABC Action News reports. His platform... More »

Terry Jones Jailed Over Mosque Protest

Then he decides to pay $1 bond

(Newser) - A Michigan judge didn't think Terry Jones' plan to hold an armed protest outside a mosque in a heavily Muslim area was such a great idea, and the Koran-torcher got tossed in jail briefly for his trouble, reports the AFP. "The First Amendment does us no good if... More »

Koran Burning Drove Away 'Basically All' Parishioners

But Terry Jones won't back down

(Newser) - Following Terry Jones' involvement in a Koran-burning stunt , "basically all" the parishioners have left his church and he has received more than 300 death threats—but the Florida pastor is not backing down. Even after the resulting protests at a UN complex in Afghanistan left UN workers dead , Jones... More »

With Help From Terry Jones, Florida Church Burns Koran

Muslim holy book found 'guilty' in mock trial

(Newser) - Looks like pastor Terry Jones finally got his Koran burning. A copy of the Muslim holy book was torched in a small Florida church by pastor Wayne Sapp yesterday, but Jones oversaw the event, AFP reports. Jones, of course, gained notoriety last year with his (abandoned) plan to burn a... More »

1 Dead, 5 Hurt in Afghan Protests Against Karzai, US

Police 'warning shots' hit crowd of protesters

(Newser) - Afghan police today fired into a crowd of rock-hurling anti-American demonstrators chanting "Death to America," "Death to Christians," and "Death to Karzai" in Kabul today. One was killed and at least five injured, two from gunshots. The US Koran-burning controversy has stirred days of outrage... More »

Stewart Skewers Fox Mosque Hysteria

'Daily Show' host compares media to distractable dogs

(Newser) - Jon Stewart took on everyone's favorite controversies last night : would-be Koran-burner Terry Jones, and the imam behind the so-called "Ground Zero mosque." (Or, as Stewart called it, the "community center of death.") He noted that when the imam issued his warning that moving the Islamic... More »

Now, Media Just Plain Creates 'News'

Terry Jones should never have gotten covered, but he did

(Newser) - The media's coverage of would-be Koran-burner Terry Jones marks a turning point: Members of the media have always been "reality entertainers who gussy up a story," writes Neal Gabler on Politico , but now they're "reality producers" who actually "invent the story." This "no-account Florida... More »

Aussie Lawyer Smokes Koran, Bible

Video pulled from YouTube, man pulled from job

(Newser) - Inspired, perhaps, by the much-hyped antics of Terry Jones, an Australian law professor posted a video of himself burning pages from the Koran—and the Bible. In the video "Bible or Koran—which burns best?," which has since been removed from YouTube, the prof rips, rolls, and smokes... More »

Anti-Koran-Burning Protests Kill 2 More

Troops fired on protesters storming gov't building

(Newser) - Two more people died in Afghanistan's third day of violent protests against Terry Jones' plan to burn the Koran, as many Afghans seemed unaware that the controversial pastor called the plan off. As the AP reports, the ruckus over the small US church stirred anger toward Afghanistan's pro-Western government, and... More »

It's Time for Us to Reject Hatred

Kathleen Parker apologizes to the 'Muslim World'

(Newser) - Kathleen Parker pens a letter to the “Muslim World” in the Washington Post , calling herself “an American citizen who is deeply embarrassed by current events in my country.” When it comes to “so-called pastor” Terry Jones , “please ignore” him. “What we hope you understand... More »

Jones: We'll Never Burn Koran

No, of course he wouldn't

(Newser) - First Terry Jones was definitely, definitely going to burn a bunch of Korans, then he was maybe going to not do it if Obama called, but now the pastor says his church will never burn the Islamic holy book, he tells the TODAY show this morning—even if a mosque... More »

'Papa, Don't Do It'

Terry Jones' daughter says her father needs help

(Newser) - Add Terry Jones' daughter to the list of those asking him not to burn Korans tomorrow. She wrote him an email saying, "Papa, don't do it," she tells Der Spiegel in Germany. (Recall he used to live and preach there .) He hasn't responded, as she expected. At... More »

Koran Burning Sparks Violent Afghan Protests

One killed, eight wounded in two protests

(Newser) - Dove World’s plan to burn Korans set off protests across Afghanistan today, and two of them turned violent. In western Afghanistan, four protesters were shot, one of them fatally, outside a NATO base in Bala Buluk. “We do not know who shot them,” said a doctor at... More »

Pastor Says Koran Burning 'Suspended,' Not Canceled

Over much confusion on NYC mosque deal

(Newser) - The Florida pastor who canceled his burning of Korans now says he may be burning them after all. The 9/11 event isn't canceled, merely "suspended" for the time being. Terrry Jones announced his reversal of his reversal while angrily accusing a Florida imam of lying to him about reaching... More »

Pastor Might Call Off Koran Burning if Obama Calls Him

Meanwhile, another pastor plans smaller burning

(Newser) - Terry Jones says he might reconsider his plan to burn Korans on 9/11—if he gets a call from President Obama. Jones says no one from the White House or Pentagon has contacted him, but that if anyone did "that would cause us to definitely think it over,"... More »

Koran Burning Is Not the Same as Mosque Building

But conservatives disagree

(Newser) - Gail Collins isn't impressed with the new line of argument that equates the burning of Korans with the proposed Islamic center near Ground Zero. "This is under the theory that both are constitutionally protected bad ideas," she writes in the New York Times . "In fact, they’re... More »

Koran-Burning a 'Bonanza for al-Qaeda': Obama

President fears 'stunt' will endanger troops, lead to violence

(Newser) - President Obama weighed in on the Koran-burning controversy for the first time today, calling it "a recruitment bonanza for al-Qaeda." His comments came during an interview with George Stephanopoulos airing today on Good Morning America . Highlights:
  • His message to Pastor Terry Jones: "This stunt that he is
... More »

Sarah Palin: 'Pastor Jones, Please Stand Down'

She asks him to stop the Koran-burning

(Newser) - He's ignored the general, Hillary, and all forms of international condemnation. Now can Florida's loopy Koran-hating pastor withstand Sarah Palin? She's entered the fray with a Facebook post headlined "Koran Burning Is Insensitive, Unnecessary; Pastor Jones, Please Stand Down." Palin writes that she hopes "Terry Jones and... More »

Koran-Torching Pastor Was Run Out of Germany

And his church is currently for sale

(Newser) - Rev. Terry Jones was ranting against Islam long before his plan to burn Korans on the anniversary of 9/11 made him internationally infamous. According to the church blog, Jones has been preaching Islamophobia since before 9/11, when he ran a sister church in a poor area of Cologne, Germany. The... More »

Koran Burning Uproar Spreads, but Pastor Defiant

Clinton decries it, Bloomberg defends pastor's right

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton has joined the chorus decrying a Florida pastor’s plan to burn Korans on Sept. 11. “Our commitment to religious tolerance goes back to the very beginning of our nation,” Clinton said last night at a State Department Iftar meal celebrating Ramadan, according to the Daily ... More »

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