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Parker Spitzer to Lose Kathleen Parker?

Show's ratings haven't improved since debut

(Newser) - CNN may replace Kathleen Parker on its Parker Spitzer show, which has posted weak numbers against competitors, sources tell the Wall Street Journal . CNN lost a third of its evening viewers last year, and the 8pm show has struggled to grow its audience in the three months since its launch.... More »

Irate Parker Threatens to Ditch Spitzer

Turns out she's not a huge fan of Spitzer

(Newser) - Parker Spitzer could soon be just ... Spitzer. Kathleen Parker is so unhappy with her role on the new CNN show that she's threatening to walk, sources tell the New York Post . The conservative columnist thinks she's playing second fiddle to co-host Eliot Spitzer, and she actually did walk off the... More »

Critics Spit on Spitzer TV Debut

Parker Spitzer 'a load of obnoxious, self-important noise'

(Newser) - Kathleen Parker and Eliot Spitzer's CNN talkfest Parker Spitzer made its debut last night and critics say the program by the former New York governor and Washington Post columnist is as bad as predicted.
  • The pacing, and the whole show, seems weird, complains Max Read at Gawker . Guests, including columnist
... More »

Spitzer, Parker Hone Their 'Flirtatious Bickering'

Will Tracy-Hepburn routine have legs for upcoming CNN show?

(Newser) - Can the man known as a "scowling attorney general" and a "grimacing governor" (not to speak of call-girl customer) really morph into a cable TV charmer? In their first joint interview, Eliot Spitzer and his CNN co-host Kathleen Parker entertain a pair of Wall Street Journal reporters with... More »

Spitzer's CNN Show Looks ... Bad

Promo for 'Parker Spitzer' is a bit awkward, to say the least

(Newser) - CNN released its first promo for Eliot Spitzer's new show with Kathleen Parker, and it's called...Parker Spitzer. That "would be a good name for a sitcom that took place at a wacky law firm. Or a bad name for a hotel," writes Alex Pareene on Salon . And... More »

Why Spitzer Is Perfect for Cable TV

CNN gets substance and a potential ratings grabber

(Newser) - CNN's choice of Eliot Spitzer to co-host an 8pm nightly show is a risky one given how many people are repulsed by him, but it makes sense, write Felix Gillette and Reid Pillifant at the New York Observer . CNN "built itself on substance but now finds itself chasing ratings.... More »

Eliot Spitzer, Kathleen Parker Land CNN's 8pm Slot

Co-hosts replace Campbell Brown, 'can't possibly be boring'

(Newser) - Wow: It wasn't just loose talk. CNN today named Eliot Spitzer and Kathleen Parker co-hosts of a "nightly news and events discussion program" at 8pm, replacing Campbell Brown's ratings-starved show. In the CNN press release, shared by Business Insider, Parker, the Pulitzer Prize-winning right-wing columnist, lavished praise on her... More »

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