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Words Too Dirty for Google Instant

If you're searching for Twinkies ... you're out of luck

(Newser) - Google Instant makes searching faster by automatically completing what you’re typing … unless it’s dirty, of course . The folks at put together a comprehensive “Google blacklist” of words the search giant thinks are naughty, from the apparently innocuous (“servitude”) to the downright... More »

Google Instant Ignores Naughty Searches

Autofill function switches off if you're looking for, say, sluts

(Newser) - The Google Instant function introduced this week offers search results as fast as you can type—so long as you're not searching for famed NFL linebacker Dick Butkus. The instant search functions switches off when one begins to type certain words, including "penis," "hardcore," "slutty,... More »

Google Instant Speeds Up Search

New feature displays results as queries are typed in

(Newser) - Google unveiled its upgraded search function today called Google Instant , which refines searches as you type by predicting what you're looking for. More details at this "user's guide" from Search Engine Land , or see the video in the gallery for a demo. Early reaction:
  • Better, but not a world-changer:
... More »

3 Stories