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Blasts Turned Boston's Hospitals Into War Zones

Injuries seen in yesterday's explosions among toughest to treat, experts say

(Newser) - The Boston Marathon bombing left the region's hospitals dealing with scores of injuries more commonly seen in war zones. The wounds suffered by many of the 144 victims taken to hospitals are among the most difficult to treat, because explosions send out "an invisible wall of energy" that... More »

Family Learns WWII Vet's Secret in Cremation

Ronald Brown's leg wound was far worse than they knew

(Newser) - Ronald Brown's family always believed he had a bullet in his leg. That's what he told them, after all, and it explained why the World War II veteran would set off airport scanners and ask his grandkids to sit on "the other" knee. But when he died... More »

45% of New Vets File for Disability

That's a huge jump from post-Gulf War numbers

(Newser) - American veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are filing for disability benefits at a rate never seen before, causing many to worry about the physical and mental health of a generation of troops, reports the AP . Of the 1.6 million veterans who served in Iraq and Afghanistan,... More »

Soldiers With Concussions Denied Purple Hearts

Army seems to ignore its own rules

(Newser) - Army rules couldn't be clearer: The list of wounds that justify the Purple Heart includes "concussion injuries caused as a result of enemy generated explosions." The real world is a little murkier. An investigation by Pro Publica and NPR finds that the Army routinely denies the award to... More »

4 Stories