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Being Sole Breadwinner Stresses Men Out More Than Women

Women actually enjoy better mental health when they earn more than their husbands

(Newser) - It's better for everyone when women earn as much as or more than their husbands. So say researchers at the 111th Annual Meeting of the American Sociological Association in Seattle after looking at surveys of 9,000 married young men and women between 1997 and 2011 via the National... More »

Mom's the 'Breadwinner' for 40% of US Families

But in many cases, it's because she's a struggling single parent

(Newser) - You kids had better respect your moms: In a skyrocketing number of American homes, she's the one putting food on the table as stay-at-home moms become things of the past. Women are now the primary or only income source for 40% of US households with kids, according to a... More »

Female Breadwinners More Likely to Ditch Hubbies

38% more likely, to be exact

(Newser) - We already know that men are more likely to cheat on female breadwinners—but today's breadwinner update gives the bad news to the men. A 25-year study has found that ladies who bring home the bacon—specifically 60% or more of the family's income—are 38% more likely to divorce... More »

Men More Likely to Cheat on Female Breadwinners

Least likely to stray on women who earn 75% what they do

(Newser) - Ladies, if you want your man to stay faithful, you'd better be earning about three-quarters as much as he does. So claims a new study, which found that while being economically dependent on your partner makes women less likely to cheat, it makes men more likely to stray: Men who... More »

Marketers Bank on Women in Recession

(Newser) - Some recession-wary companies are marketing more to women these days, the Economist reports. After all, women make more than 80% of discretionary buys in America, and are more loyal, product-plugging (or bashing) customers. But one expert says the strategy could turn off male buyers in traditionally masculine marketing areas like... More »

5 Stories