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Court: Sorry Authors, Google Can Scan Your Books

Snippets fall under fair use, court decides

(Newser) - Google has prevailed in a much-watched lawsuit filed by the Authors Guild, which argued that the search giant had violated writers' copyrights by scanning their books into its database without asking permission. US Circuit Judge Denny Chin agreed with Google's argument that its scans were covered under fair use,... More »

Google to Digitize 40M Pages of the British Library

That's 250K books over the next three years

(Newser) - A treatise on a stuffed hippopotamus, an 18th-century English primer for Danish sailors, and a description of the first engine-driven submarine are among 250,000 books to be made available online in a deal between Google and the British Library. The agreement, announced today, will let Internet users read, search,... More »

Google's 'Open' E-Books? Not So Open

In fact, Amazon e-books will soon be more open

(Newser) - Google is making quite a big deal about the "openness" of its e-books , but Farhad Manjoo has news for you: "Google's e-books are 'open' in the same way that politicians are 'bipartisan' and oil companies are 'green,'" he writes on Slate . "Open" certainly sounds good, when... More »

Google Set to Battle Amazon With Launch of eBooks

Gloves are off in battle of the eBookstores

(Newser) - After much anticipation, Google launched its ebookstore in the US today, jumping into the fray with Amazon, Apple, and Borders with its first “real” retail service, reports Wired . Google eBooks lets readers view their books on a variety of devices, from iPhones to Chrome and Safari browsers to Sony’... More »

Author: Google Ruins Our Brains

Does 'good' software make us stupid?

(Newser) - Does smart software make us stupid? Absolutely, says author Nicholas Carr. In an interview with the BBC , Carr says we are getting a little too much help from technology—and it's changing our wiring for the worse. We are losing our capacity to store information and our ability to concentrate,... More »

5 Stories