Ovide Lamontagne

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NH Race Still Too Close to Call

Ayotte, Lamontagne may be headed for recount in GOP Senate race

(Newser) - The final round of primaries before the midterms delivered some big wins for the Tea Party and there's still a prize to claim in New Hampshire. The state's seven-way Republican US Senate primary is down to two candidates and it's still too close to call between attorney Ovide Lamontagne and... More »

Tea Partier Christine O'Donnell Wins in Delaware

She knocks off GOP-favored Mike Castle

(Newser) - Another huge message from the tea party and potential bad news for Republicans: Christine O'Donnell defeated the GOP establishment candidate, longtime congressman Mike Castle, in Delaware's Senate primary, reports Politico (whose headline begins "GOP Nightmare ..."). She won 53% to 47%. "Don't ever underestimate the power of... More »

Two Tea Partiers Threaten to Up-End GOP Resurgence

GOP chances in Senate hinge on Delaware, New Hampshire races

(Newser) - There are primary races in seven states today, but all eyes are on Delaware, where Tea Party upstart Christine O’Donnell is challenging GOP stalwart Michael Castle. That's not only because O'Donnell is a flaky candidate with anti-masturbation plank in her platform and an endorsement from Sarah Palin, writes Nate... More »

3 Stories