Roger Vinson

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On Health Care, Dems Are 'Alice in Wonderland': Judge

He allows part of lawsuit to continue

(Newser) - A federal judge gave a green light to parts of a lawsuit challenging the health care reform law, Politico reports. Judge Roger Vinson slammed Democrats and the administration for taking an "Alice-in-Wonderland tack" of calling the mandate to buy insurance either a "penalty" or a "tax,"... More »

Limbaugh Falls for Wikipedia Hoax

Even though, really, he should know better...

(Newser) - Even though Rush Limbaugh once said, "Everybody in the world knows you don't believe anything on Wikipedia," he managed to get himself fooled by, yep, a Wikipedia hoax. Limbaugh, speaking Tuesday about the judge who is presiding over a challenge to the president's health care reform, called him... More »

2 Stories