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Medieval Tomb Discovered by ... a Badger?

12th Century tomb of Slavic lords unearthed by an unlikely archaeologist

(Newser) - Amateur archeologists in Germany have made a significant discovery thanks to an unlikely assistant: a badger. Lars Wilhelm and Hendrikje Ring spotted a human pelvic bone that had been dug up near a badger's den on the farm they live on about 50 miles northeast of Berlin. "We... More »

Iraqis Go on Alert as Mammoth Badgers Stalk City

Locals blame British troops for badger invasion

(Newser) - Badgers have invaded Basra, Iraq, spurring fears of a man-eating monster on the loose in the port city. Despite Iraqi scientists' assurances that the creatures are not dangerous to humans, locals demonize the oversized carnivores and blame British troops for for unleashing them. The badgers "don't stalk humans and... More »

2 Stories