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Cheerleader: Gay Kiss Got Me Booted Off Squad

Security camera footage resulted in suspension from school

(Newser) - Security footage of a Texas teen kissing another boy got him suspended from school and thrown off the cheerleading squad, he tells KPLC-TV . The teen believes school officials deliberately sought to catch him in the act. "They never check cameras for anything unless something is stolen," he says.... More »

Connecticut Cheerleaders Want to Show Less Skin

Central High School's girls want to cover up their midriffs

(Newser) - Cheerleaders at one Connecticut high school have taken a stand. Bridgeport's Central High School squad presented its case to the city's board of education last week (while in uniform), saying that its skimpy midriff-showing outfits were not appropriate and hurt self-esteem. The city athletic director agreed to purchase black body... More »

Mom Rips 'Booty' Cheer for Daughter's Tyke Squad

Squad's answer? Cutting the kid

(Newser) - A mother blasted a raunchy cheer involving "booty" taught to her 6-year-old daughter, and was incensed when her baby was then cut from the booty-shaking tyke squad. "All I wanted was to have an objective discussion about it. They didn't hear me out," said Michigan mom Jennifer... More »

3 Stories