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Kidnappers Demand $36.5M for Rich Guy's Mother-in-Law

Bernie Ecclestone faces paying a hefty ransom for wife's mom

(Newser) - Criminals hoping for a share of Bernie Ecclestone's fortune have reportedly kidnapped the racing billionaire's mother-in-law in Brazil. Local media say the criminals, in touch with the 85-year-old Formula One head, are demanding $36.5 million—the highest ransom ever in a Brazilian kidnapping, per the Telegraph . The... More »

Somebody Swiped, Is Trying to Sell F1 Champ's Med Files

Schumacher's records stolen from French hospital

(Newser) - Michael Schumacher's medical files have been stolen from a hospital in France and are being offered for sale to the media, the F1 champ's manager warns. The files taken from a hospital in Grenoble where Schumacher spent months in a coma after a skiing accident last December contain... More »

Michael Schumacher Out of Coma

F1 champ will continue rehabilitation at undisclosed location

(Newser) - After almost six months, F1 racing legend Michael Schumacher is out of the medically induced coma in which he was placed after a December 29 skiing accident in the French Alps. In a statement, his family says the hospital staff in Grenoble did an "excellent job," and that... More »

Formula 1 Test Driver Who Lost Eye in Crash Dead at 33

Maria De Villota found in Spain hotel room

(Newser) - Ex-Formula One test driver Maria De Villota was found dead in her hotel room in Seville, Spain, yesterday. She was just 33 years old. According to reports, De Villota was pronounced dead in the room despite several attempts by paramedics to revive her. She was reportedly in Seville to help... More »

Formula One Driver Loses Eye in Crash

Maria de Villota's car collided with a stationary truck

(Newser) - Formula One driver Maria de Villota lost her right eye at a test event in Britain yesterday, when her car crashed into a stationary truck, CNN reports. De Villota, daughter of former F1 driver Emilio de Villota and one of just two female drivers contracted to an F1 team, was... More »

Mercedes Gives Racing Fan Bionic Hand

Teenage F1 fan receives $40K prosthetic

(Newser) - Maybe this is just the first step toward a cyborg Formula One driver: The Mercedes F1 team helped outfit a 14-year-old fan born without a left hand a new high-tech prosthetic hand, reports the Telegraph . The British teen wrote to the head of the Mercedes Benz team last June, and... More »

Legend Michael Schumacher Returns to F1 Full-Time

7-time champ, at 41, will drive for Mercedes

(Newser) - Legendary driver Michael Schumacher will return full-time next year to the Formula One circuit, where he won seven championships in the 1990s and this decade. The German, 40, retired after the 2006 season, and attempted a comeback for his former team, Ferrari, after one of its drivers was injured in... More »

Formula 1 Execs Floored by Chief's Hitler Praise

Calls for boycott after Bernie Ecclestone hails Hitler for 'getting things done'

(Newser) - Executives from the firm that owns Formula One are scrambling to do damage control after their racing boss praised Adolf Hitler as a man who could "get things done." When told the World Jewish Congress was calling for his resignation, billionaire Bernie Ecclestone, 78, also said it was... More »

Formula One Chief Lauds Hitler's Efficiency

(Newser) - The billionaire chief of Formula One racing admires Adolf Hitler, disses democracy, and applauds Margaret Thatcher—but slams the West for lacking cultural sensitivity. Hitler "could command a lot of people" and was "able to get things done," Bernie Ecclestone tells the Times of London. But... More »

Honda Cuts F1 Racing Team

Attempting to cut costs, Japan's No. 2 carmaker axes racing program

(Newser) - Honda, facing economic drag as the financial crisis sharply curtails demand for automobiles, is withdrawing from Formula 1 racing, at least until global markets turn the corner, the Guardian reports. Honda's CEO once pledged to spend “a trillion yen” to secure an F1 title, but shareholders have pressured the... More »

Victorious Max Mosley Bares All

'Sex is funny' but tabloids are ravenous, says S&M-loving motorsport boss

(Newser) - When a British tabloid exposed Max Mosley's predilection for rough sex under the headline "F1 Boss Has Sick Nazi Orgy With 5 Hookers," he surprised everyone by going to court—and winning a record $120,000 in damages. Now the head of world motorsport tells the Guardian that... More »

Mosley Wins Privacy Suit over 'Nazi' S&M Orgy

Formula 1 boss wins $120,000 in damages against tabloid

(Newser) - Max Mosley has won his lawsuit against a British tabloid for exposing a sadomasochistic orgy he took part in and falsely claiming it had Nazi overtones, reports the Guardian. In a landmark decision, the head of world motorsport was awarded $120,000 in damages—thought to be a record in... More »

Mosley Bares Lurid Details in Hopes of Privacy

S&M trial entertaining, yes, but also a major salvo against tabloids

(Newser) - The spanking and the alleged Nazi overtones might be entertaining, but the Max Mosley trial playing out in London could have huge implications for the rights of the media, writes John F. Burns in the New York Times. The Formula 1 chief's lawsuit against Rupert Murdoch's News of the World... More »

MI5 Implicated in F1 Chief's Nazi Orgy

Spy canned after wife is revealed as one of Mosley's hookers

(Newser) - A British spy is out of a job following his admission that his wife was one of the five prostitutes who participated in Max Mosley's Nazi-themed orgy, reports the Times of London. Worse yet, the wife was purportedly behind the camera, though MI5 yesterday denied Mosley's accusation that it set... More »

F1 Chief Loses Bid to Block Nazi Orgy Video

Tabloid gets to re-post hooker spanking session with 'tea break'

(Newser) - Formula One president Max Mosley has lost his court battle to block a newspaper from hosting a video showing him cavorting with five prostitutes in a sadomasochistic scene with Nazi undertones. Mosley is suing the News of the World for breach of privacy, but a London judge ruled that, although... More »

Formula One Boss Denies Nazi Theme in Hooker Orgy

Mosley sues Brit newspaper over story

(Newser) - Formula One Racing chief Max Mosley has denied that the videotaped sado-masochistic orgy he participated in with five prostitutes was Nazi-themed. Mosley claims he spoke German during the orgy simply because several of the call-girls were German, not as a part of Nazi role playing, as the News of the ... More »

Formula One Chief Caught in 'Nazi' Orgy

'Concentration camp' sex video sparks calls for Mosely's resignation

(Newser) - Formula One leader Max Mosely is being pressured to quit his post after a newspaper obtained video of the 67-year-old Brit in a Nazi-themed sex orgy with five prostitutes. The Oxford-educated multi-millionaire, whose father was a friend of Adolf Hitler, spoke German as he beat hookers dressed as concentration camp... More »

Racing Team Docked $100M in Spying Flap

McLaren stole data from rival Ferrari to improve own car

(Newser) - Formula One auto-racing team McLaren Mercedes was fined a record $100 million today for using information from rival Ferrari to improve its own cars, the New York Times reported. Though McLaren's drivers—who are at the top of the F1 standings—will keep their points and remain in competition, the... More »

Formula One Ditches Indianapolis

Country's only F1 venue loses Grand Prix in contract dispute

(Newser) - Formula One racing will not return to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway next year. The final negotiation deadline for sanctioning fees came and went yesterday without an agreement, the Indianapolis Star reports, and both sides announced that they were nowhere near a final contract. The decision leaves the United States without... More »

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