Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps

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Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Star Dies at 98

Eli Wallach played 'a lifetime's worth of indelible screen characters'

(Newser) - Only the good is now left from The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Eli Wallach, the veteran character actor best known for his roles in spaghetti westerns, has died at the age of 98, the BBC reports. The Brooklyn native played "ugly" Mexican bandit Tuco Ramirez in the... More »

10 Terribly Named Sequels

'The Dark Knight Rises' is lame ... but far from the worst

(Newser) - Drum roll, please: The sequel to The Dark Knight will be named ... The Dark Knight Rises. "How thoroughly underwhelming," complains Katie Calautti for Newsweek —while acknowledging it could be much, much worse. She runs down the 10 most pathetic attempts at creativity in the last 20 years... More »

Gekko's Still Got Juice in Money Never Sleeps

Michael Douglas is Wall Street sequel's best (toxic) asset

(Newser) - "Greed is good," Gordon Gekko famously said in Oliver Stone's 1987 Wall Street, but maybe not in film directors. Critics say Stone crams too many story lines and sermons into the sequel, Money Never Sleeps, though Michael Douglas is still deliciously slimy as the ex-con stock trader.
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Douglas Walks Red Carpet

While fighting cancer, actor attends 'Wall Street 2' premiere

(Newser) - Michael Douglas didn’t let cancer stop him from attending the premiere of Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps . Douglas walked the red carpet at last night’s New York City premiere, the AP reports. Co-star Shia LaBeouf calls Douglas a “wolf,” and director Oliver Stone says that... More »

4 Stories