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Insurance Company Won't Pay Joplin Hero's Claim

Mark Lindquist's $2.5M workers' comp claim denied

(Newser) - When the Joplin tornado hit, social worker Mark Lindquist was working for Community Support Services at a group home where three men with Down syndrome lived. “I loved them almost as much as I love my own kid,” Lindquist recalls. They couldn’t move quickly enough to relocate,... More »

Woman Sues Employer for Sex Injury on Business Trip

Light fixture fell, and now she wants damages

(Newser) - A government employee in Australia is suing her employer because she got injured while having sex at a motel during a business trip. The woman thinks she deserves compensation because a light fixture fell on her, inflicting injuries to her face and causing mental distress, reports the Daily Telegraph . More »

Trooper Causes Fatal Crash, Wants Worker's Comp

(Newser) - A former Illinois state trooper guilty of causing a double-fatal crash in 2007 is applying for worker's compensation for the injuries he sustained in the wreck. Prosecutors say trooper Matt Mitchell was driving 126 mph down the highway while texting on his phone when he crashed into a car and... More »

3 Stories