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We Should All Be Worried About Barnes & Noble

David Leonhardt: It's in the country's best interest for the chain to thrive

(Newser) - Barnes & Noble is in real danger of disappearing, and that has David Leonhardt of the New York Times worried. This isn't just a case of a corporate giant being unable to keep up with the new age, he writes. It's the result of a misguided government policy... More »

10 Reasons to Stop Buying on Amazon

Taxes, 'monopolistic' behavior top the list

(Newser) - Amazon: the evil empire? The Nation seems to think so, warning that Amazon is "well positioned to overpower its rivals" as publishers turn to digital books and the mega-site sells more Kindle books than hardcovers. The lefty mag lists 10 reasons not to do business with Amazon:
  1. Amazon avoids
... More »

Microsoft Prevails in Document Standards Fight

OOXML ratified as a global standard

(Newser) - Microsoft has won a heated battle to have one of its document formats made into a global standard, disappointing many who lobbied against the company and making the software giant more likely to win government contracts. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) okayed OOXML, leading a Microsoft rep to boast... More »

EU Fines Microsoft Record $1.3B

Regulators punish company for overcharging Windows developers

(Newser) - The European Commission fined Microsoft today a record $1.35 billion for failing to comply with its 2004 antitrust ruling. The EU's executive branch said that the company continued to charge "unreasonable prices" to developers building programs for Windows despite both the earlier ruling and a court verdict last... More »

FCC Chief May Not Have Votes to Curb Cable

Martin is struggling for majority of 5-member commission

(Newser) - FCC chief Kevin Martin may not have the votes he needs to initiate regulation of the cable industry, reports the New York Times. Martin has scheduled a vote for tomorrow to approve a formal finding that the cable industry has grown too big, which would give the commission power to... More »

Mexico Eyes Carlos Slim's Stupendous Wealth

World's richest man owns 8% of GDP

(Newser) - With Mexican media baron Carlos Slim now the world's richest man, superseding Bill Gates, Mexican regulators are  launching an investigation into whether the virtual monopolies that have made him worth $67 billion in a dizzyingly short time are illegal. Two of his companies—Telemex and Movil—control about 90% of... More »

6 Stories